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6 March 2009 flights
surveyed on 7 Feb 2009

I just don't understand it - the weekend starting 6th March 2009 is not a long weekend and school holidays don't start until the 28th March and the Stormers play the Bulls in Pretoria that weekend - so why are flight prices from Durban to Cape Town so high? One Time & Kulula aren't even offering any flights at the times we're looking at....cheapest flight from Durban to Cape Town is Mango's R906. Maybe there's a conference or something on in Cape Town which isn't on my radar screen.

[thank you Leslie for subsequently informing us of the Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour on the 8th of March]

one-way flights from Durban to Cape Town
bus trips from Durban to Cape Town

Mango: economy class
flight JE387 departs DUR 2115 arrives CPT 2325


City to City bus


Mango Plus
flight JE387 departs DUR 2115 arrives CPT 2325


Citiliner bus


South African Airways : economy class
flight SA627 departs DUR 1945 arrives CPT 2155


SA Roadlink bus


BA - British Airways : economy class
flight BA6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Greyhound bus


South African Airways business class
BA business class


Translux bus


Kulula Air : economy class

no flights

Baz Bus (7 day pass)


1time Airline : economy class

no flights

Intercape bus

no direct route

Flights surveyed depart Durban for Cape Town between 1349 & 2146.

Even business class prices are high

The business class flights from Durban to Cape Town are the highest we've ever seen. Previous highest for British Airways was R3280 on the 15th Nov 2008, and previous highest for SAA was R2817 on the 12th Jul 2008.

The silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining - expensive flights and constant bus prices means that people are more likely to travel with buses, which spew out less carbon than planes.

Lion in Paarl, Cape TownSeeing lions & paragliding in Cape Town

There's a lion park outside Paarl, where they rescue and look after lions - sounds like a cause worth supporting by visiting. Afterwards, Tom went paragliding off Lion's head and recommends using Manu's service ("great talent, great attitude, really committed to making it easy for people to have a great time here") at

Airline cleaning jobs

"There are a certain number of perks that go along with the (airline) cleaning job - a sort of finders-keepers unwritten rule. Although an airline will always insist that you'll be able to get your wallet back if you leave it on the plane, it isn't always the case." as quoted from Imogen Edwards-Jones' Air Babylon (can be bought at Kalahari).

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