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Mango to Johannesburg

27 February 2009 flights
surveyed on 31 Jan 2009

This entry was posted from Port Elizabeth - our cruiseliner (yes, we are in the middle of a cruise with the Rhapsody - a million thanks to Starlight Cruises for inviting us to review the cruise) just docked there, and thanks to the marvels of 3G cards we can still upload to the internet. More about this when we get we are pleased to report that for the second survey in a row Mango are cheapest from Cape Town to Johannesburg (even beating Interlink Airlines...who's price has been constant at R698 for an incredible 5 surveys in a row).

Flights from Cape town to Johannesburg
Bus & train trips from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE178 departs 2015 arrives 2220


SA Roadlink bus
departs 1100 arrives 0600 (on the 28th Jan)


Interlink Airline economy class
flight ID002 departs 1800 arrives 2000


City to City bus

380 economy class (to Lanseria)
flight MN460 departs 2000 arrives 2200


Intercape bus


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T112 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Translux bus


South African Airways economy class
flight SA366 departs 1850 arrives 2050


Baz Bus
7 day pass


Interlink business class
flight ID002 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Premier Classe train


British Airways economy class
flight BA6426 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Greyhound bus

site down

South African Airways business class
flight SA362 departs 1750 arrives 1950


Shosholoza Meyl Tourist Class


British Airways business class
flight BA6426 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Shosholoza Meyl Economy Class


Prices are for one-way flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, leaving Cape Town between 1729 and 2031.

Buses & trains

For the first time ever Greyhound's site was down. We also need to apologise, we didn't manage to get a chance to phone in to Shosholoza Meyl to check their prices. Well done to SA Roadlink on offering the cheapest bus trip from the Cape to Johannesburg (R299).

British Airways prices are climbing

The price of a British Airways flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg (R1465) is the highest since our 8 Dec 2007 survey (R1649).

BA plane

Colleen goes to Lesotho to teach english

Colleen writes to tell us about her first week in Lesotho. She managed to get two seats on her flight to Johannesburg, but she did comment about the delay in disembarkation and the long time it takes to get luggage (having been in the USA myself, I too have noticed that these things take much longer in South Africa). Look at the awesome photo taken of Colleen on Thabo Bosiu, a sandstone plateau in Lesotho. Apparently all but one of the Lesotho Kings are buried up there.

on the edge of a cliff in Lesotho

Airline quote of the week

"Officially, when a passenger is taken ill or dies the captain is supposed to put down at the nearest available airport. But this almost never happens. Captains hate doing it as it ruins their schedules and costs the airline thousands in fuel and delays. This is also the reason behind the airlines' reluctance to fly anybody who looks a bit peaky, as if they might peg it halfway across the Atlantic." as quoted from Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones (can be purchased at

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