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20 Feb 2009 flights
surveyed on 24 Jan 2009

Well done Kulula on offering the cheapest flight from DUR to Joburg (DUR is the airport code for Durban International Airport). That means that Kulula and Mango are 2-all so far in winning the 4 flight surveys we've conducted this year. We thought this would be a good time to check airline prices as all three of 1time, Kulula & Mango were running specials this week. Unfortuanately none of those juicy R281 (Kulula), R279 (1time) and R275 (Mango) flights advertised could be found at the times we like to fly (on a late Friday afternoon). But, if you want cheap, catch the Shosholoza Meyl economy class train for just R90.

Flights from DUR to Joburg *
Bus & train trips from Durban to Joburg economy class
flight MN604 departs 1930 arrives 2040


Shosholoza Meyl train economy class


Mango economy class
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


City to City bus


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T214 departs 1830 arrives 1940

612 ***

Shosholoza Meyl train tourist class


BA economy class
flight BA6212 departs 2015 arrives 2125

930 **

SA Roadlink bus


SAA economy class
flight SA582 departs 1940 arrives 2050


Citiliner bus


Interlink Airline economy class

no flights

Intercape bus


Airtime Airlines economy class


Translux bus


Mango Plus


Greyhound bus


SAA premium class
BA club class


Premier Classe train
Baz Bus (7 day pass)


* these are the cheapest flights we could find scheduled to leave DUR between 1729 & 2031
** This is a classic example of where it's cheaper to book a BA flight on the Kulula website than on the BA website. On the BA website flight BA6212 costs R930 (incl taxes). On the Kulula website flight MN6212 (the same flight) costs R616 (incl taxes). This and other information on reducing your flights costs are contained in our tips for cheaper flights.
*** What's it with 1time and the number 612? This is the third out of the last 4 DUR-Joburg flight surveys that 1time have been quoting R612 (e.g. see 9 Aug 2008 flight survey)
**** The last time Airtime Airlines said they were starting it was a false start. They would be cheapest, but we're not officially including them in our flight surveys until we've actually seen their planes up in the sky!

Kulula plane at CPT

Durban egg manWiped out in Durban & Cape Town

Tom & Miranda visited Durban & Cape Town and took a few pretty pictures (see below) - Tom describes Cape Town with adjectives like "engergising" & "amazingly beautiful" (hopefully this is not just because he got hit on by a gay shopowner!) . They had an interesting flight from Durban to Cape Town where they saw the sun rise up as the plane took off from Durban, and set again as the plane landed in Cape Town. The other reason I liked this blog entry is as I'm sure a lot of people argue whilst on holiday, but this is the first blog post that I've seen somebody actually write about it (thanks for the honesty).

Aviation quote of the week

"Any death on a plane is a nightmare. For a start, what do you do with the body? Leave it there? Move it? Do you have anywhere to move it to? Does someone have to fly next to the corpse? Is the neighbour the dead person's travelling companion? Wife? Daughter? Husband? Or do you put a blanket over the body and an oxygen mask on its face, pretend to the other passengers that they are just a bit under the weather and not, in fact, dead. Have they crapped themselves? Pissed on the seat? Everything comes out when you're dead. It can be quite disgusting. We have to ground the plane and change the seat covers immediately after somebody's died. It's not much fun." extract from Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones (Kalahari sells it).

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