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Kulula from Lanseria cheapest

6 Feb 2009 flights
on 10 Jan 2009

Whilst Kulula's flight to Cape Town from Lanseria Airport is the cheapest, it is a lot higher than the cheapest flights from Joburg to CPT around this time last year (R517 by Mango Airlines on the 25th Jan 2008) - unfortuanately Mango Airlines have sold out of flights this year (at least, at the times we checked - and we cant help but feeling that if Mango were being run on commercial terms they would have increased their prices rather than allowing themselves to run out of tickets).

Flights from Joburg to CPT
Bus & train trips from Joburg to Cape Town

Kulula Air from Lanseria Airport
flight MN455 leaves 1845 arrives 2055


Shosholoza Meyl economy class


1time economy class
flight 1T137 leaves 1920 arrives 2130


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class


Kulula Air from O.R. Tambo Airport
flight MN109 leaves 1830 arrives 2040


City to City coach


BA economy class
flight BA6435 leaves 1945 arrives 2155


SA Roadlink coach


South African Airways economy class
flight SA377 leaves 2050 arrives 2300


Greyhound coach



no flights

Translux coach



No flights

Intercape coach


South African Airways business class
BA business class
Mango Plus

no flights

Baz Bus (7 day pass)
Premier Classe train

Blue train


prices are for flights leaving Joburg between 1819 & 2036.

Kulula camoflauge plane

Cheap train trips

At R150 for a train trip from Joburg to Cape Town, Shosholoza Meyl is looking very cheap. I'd be tempted to pay R280 and take the Shosholoza Meyl tourist class, which is still cheaper than any of the buses are offering.

Airtime Airlines - will it fly?

Amidst the jokes about whether one will have to pay more minutes if an Airtime Airlines aircraft is placed into a holding patter, arises the serious question of whether Airtime Airlines will be able to take to the sky on time. Reports have it that Air Aquarius's deal with Airtime has collapsed.

Consequences of trying to speed up luggage processing

"I had a run-in with those boys a couple of years back. I found out they were watching the soap opera Neighbours on the TV instead of processing my lunchtime bags onto the carousel. They were causing chaos. I had irate passengers waiting for over an hour for their luggage. It was a nightmare. So I got their TV stopped and had my tyres slashed in return". Imogen Edwards-Jones in the book, Air Babylon (which can be purchased at Kalahari).

Travelling through Zimbabwe

What does a tourist in Zimbo get up to? Misha shared her story (link removed as her blog stopped working) about her visit to the Zimbabwe disaster zone. From the minute she touched down at Harare International Airport she realised that the place had changed:

  • no payphones at the airport

  • no running water in the sinks at the airport

  • no rental cars at the airport

Misha visited Harare and Bulawayo and tells Zimbabwe's sad tale of electricity shortages, no food in shops [Ed: photo was dong the rounds of Zim shop with no goods and a no shoplifting sign] and illegally changing money in the dark.

Zimbabwe currency - $100 billion

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