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Mango cheapest ever

30 Jan 2009 flights
surveyed on 3 Jan 2009

I was gobsmacked when I saw Mango Airlines quoting R289 for a Friday night one-way flight from Johannesburg to Durban - this is the lowest price we have ever seen in our surveys of flights from Joburg to Durban (which have been going since 26 May 2007). The previous record low flight price was R394 (also by Mango Airlines) in the 15 Mar 2008 JNB-DUR flight survey. Mango's low price means that flight prices have fallen 34% over the last year between Joburg and Durban. In all, end January after school holidays end is a good time to travel - even bus prices have come down considerably.

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban
Bus or train from Johannesburg to Durban

British Airways economy class
flight BA6221 leaves 1830 arrives 1940


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Interlink Airlines economy class


Citiliner bus


Kulula economy class
flight MN603 leaves 1745 arrives 1855


City to City bus


Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2145


Greyhound bus


1time economy class
flight 1T225 leaves 1805 arrives 1915


Intercape bus


South African Airways economy class
flight SA575 leaves 1755 arrives 1905


SA Roadlink bus


British Airways business class
South African Airways
business class


Translux bus


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class


Shosholoza Meyl economy class


Premier Classe train


Flight prices are for the 30th Jan 2009, for flights between 1729 & 2036.

Mango airlines front on

Mango Flex party runs to an end

Last year we let our readers know that it was possible to get Mango Flex tickets at prices cheaper than standard Mango Prices. Well, this morning we noticed that it was no longer possible to book Mango Flex flights in January. Seems that Mango has ended the booking of near-term flights, which is where Mango Flex tickets were cheaper.

Don't fly Delta?

We've never flown with Delta Airlines (still waiting for them to invite us) so cant tell from first-hand knowledge, but at least one New York lady advises to give them a skip. Marie Viljoen (previously of Bloemfontein and Cape Town, South Africa) tells us how her friends were scheduled to fly Delta from Cape Town to New York, and the flight was cancelled as the entire crew were sick with food poisoning. Needless to say, they are not running around promoting the airline.

Delta Airline ad about Cape Town

The Delta Airlines advert in the photo above is from a bus shelter in Atlanta.

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