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Mango are way cheaper

23 January 2008 flights
surveyed on 28 Dec 2008

Mango Airlines are way way cheaper than anybody else on the Durban to Cape Town flight route (R569). I'm surprised that they pitched their price at such a low level, as they could have charged R400 more and still have been cheapest - guess that I should just be happy for getting something back for my tax rands which feed it. However, I'm not sure how the new airline on the route next year - Airtime Airlines - is going to be able to compete against these types of airfares.

1-way flights from Durban to Cape Town
bus trips from Durban to Cape Town

BA - British Airways : economy class
flight BA6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Kulula Air : economy class
flight MN6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Citiliner bus


Mango: economy class
flight JE333 departs DUR 1600 arrives CPT 1810


City to City bus


1time Airline : economy class

no flights

Greyhound bus


South African Airways : economy class
flight SA627 departs DUR 1945 arrives CPT 2155


SA Roadlink bus

No buses

BA business class
South African Airways
business class


Translux bus


Flights surveyed leave Durban between 1349 & 2146.

Mango Airlines plane

Some stats on how cheap the Mango flight is

To put it into perspective how cheap this Mango flight is, the last time they had a cheaper flight from Durban to Cape Town was in our 30 Jun 2007 survey (R477). Well done to Hein Kaiser and the rest of the Mango team.

Enjoy your next spin around the sun!

This is our last flight survey of 2008, and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all well for 2009, and that we all take up the opportunities that the year offers us. Have a good spin around the sun. God Bless. Blue Skies & Tailwinds!

Blog of the week
Vanessa & Mary do South Africa

Paul & Jessica blogged about their family (Vanessa & Mary) visiting southern Africa. After flying in to O.R. Tambo International Airport, they made their way to their village in Seleka, where they braaied, ate "voers" (wors?), bathed in a bucket and had dung spitting competitions. After this baptism into South African culture, they moved on to Malealea lodge in Lesotho. Here's a photo of them in Lesotho on their way to the village of Riboneng. A great blog entry packed with photos of their adventure.

Lesotho mountains on the way to Riboneng

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