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Interlink vs Airtime Airlines

9 January 2009 flights
surveyed on 13 Dec 2008

Interlink Airlines are once again cheapest on the Durban to Joburg flight route, meaning that they have now been cheapest in 3 out of the 5 surveys since they were first included in our price comparisons on the 28th June 2008. However, we expect some fierce competition on the Durban - Joburg flight route in 2009, when Airtime Airlines start flying the route. To give you an idea, Airtime Airlines are currently running a special whereby you can get a return flight for R795 (i.e. R397.50 one-way, which would have easily been the cheapest price in today's survey). We will include Airtime Airlines in our surveys once we know what their flight schedule is.

Flights from Durban to Joburg
Bus & train trips from Durban to Joburg

British Airways economy class
flight BA6212 departs 2015 arrives 2125


Baz Bus (7 day pass)
Citiliner bus


Interlink Airline economy class
flight ID022 departs 1910 arrives 2020


City to City bus

140 economy class
flight MN6212 departs 2015 arrives 2125


Greyhound bus


Mango economy class
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


Intercape bus


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T214 departs 1830 arrives 1940


SA Roadlink bus


SAA economy class
flight SA576 departs 1920 arrives 2031


Translux bus


British Airways business class
Interlink business class
SAA business class


Shosholoza Meyl economy class


Premier Classe train
Shosholoza Meyl
tourist class


Note that flight prices are for flights leaving Durban between 1729 & 2031 (the most sensible times for a weekend traveller to be leaving).

Mango Flex is cheapestMango flex is cheapest

The Mango Flex price (R649) is again cheaper than the standard Mango Airline price (R674). Please remember to check Mango Flex prices as well, in order to get the cheapest Mango flight price. This is one of the tips we mentioned in our top 10 tips to get cheaper flights in South Africa.

Greyhound up, City to City down

It's a mixed bag as far as the mainline coaches go - Greyhound have lifted their prices to a record high (R255), and City to City have dropped their prices to R140. City to City have tied with Shosholoza Meyl economy class for cheapest overall.

Janhoo travels thru "miserable" Johannesburg to the Victoria Falls

Janhoo isn't a big fan of Johannesburg. He flew from Singapore to Johannesburg, and tells us how the O.R. Tambo's staff not only scan your check-in luggage for bombs, but also for valuables to help themselves to (his cellphone got stolen)! He was not impressed with Johannesburg, and writes about how it reminds him of Baghdad's green zone, and how many are thinking of migrating to safer places in South Africa. Holding nothing back, Janhoo mentions how Johannesburg has "no charm", but on the upside it is a good staging point to get to the Kruger National Park (Ed: at last, some sunshine at the end of the tunnel). Janhoo caught a flight from Johannesburg to Livingstone, Zambia (for obvious reasons, he chose not to stay at the more convenientally situated Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe). Apparently Livingstone is a buzzing town as a result of the trouble in Zimbabwe. A must do is to fly over the Victoria Falls (see photo). After their holiday in southern africa it was goodbye and onward he flew from Johannesburg to Tokyo.

Victoria Falls at Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia

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