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Too late for cheap
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12 Dec 2008 flights
on 15 Nov 2008

I'm sorry to inform you that if you haven't bought your plane ticket for the December holidays yet, you're going to pay through your nose. The lowest flight price we found today (on the Durban to Cape Town flight route) was Mango Airline's R999...and that's for a one-way flight (the R999 is just under Mango's record high flight price of R1085 for a flight on the 27th June 2008).

one-way flights from Durban to Cape Town
bus trips from Durban to Cape Town

BA - British Airways : economy class
flight BA6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Kulula Air : economy class

no flights

Citiliner bus


Mango: economy class
flight JE387 departs DUR 2115 arrives CPT 2325


City to City bus


1time Airline : economy class

no flights

Greyhound bus


SAA : economy class
flight SA627 departs DUR 1945 arrives CPT 2155


SA Roadlink bus


BA business class
business class


Translux bus


The above flight prices represent the lowest found, departing Durban between 1349 and 2146.

BA most expensive business class ever

SAA offered the cheapest business class flight this week, and BA quoted the most expensive business class flight cost we've seen on the DUR-CPT route - their previous high was R3177 for the 4 Oct 2008 survey of flights from Durban to Cape Town.

Even buses are expensive

Bus prices are at the highest level we've ever surveyed, with the cheapest bus trips from Durban to Cape Town being with Citiliner and City to City (both R410).

Mission work in South Africa

Judging from the blog entries I read, there are a fair number of people visiting South Africa to carry out mission work here. Matt Schmucker, an executive director from 9Marks and member of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church, shares some photos and thoughts:

  • apparently Saudi Arabian money is being used to fund schools in South Africa, in the hope of converting children to Islam.

  • there are many opportunities to teach the teachings, but pastors are distracted by people's physical needs, such as the many burials of people who have died of AIDS.

South African Airways plane

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