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Kulula to Lanseria is cheapest

5 Dec 2008 flights
8 Nov 2008

If fuel prices have come down it doesn't seem many airlines have noticed - they're too busy cashing in on the December holidays demand for flights - the notable exception are Kulula's flights (from Lanseria only), where they have decreased their prices (Interlink, to their credit, have kept their flight prices flat). On the 28th October Kulula Air increased their Cape Town - Lanseria flight frequencies from 3 to 6 flights a day (on weekdays), and this seems to be paying off in terms of cheaper flights for consumers. It is possible that Kulula Air are struggling to fill the 3 extra daily flights (and have thus reduced flight prices) - it's also possible that they're keeping Kulula Lanseria flight prices down for marketing purposes (but this seems less likely, as they haven't advertised it).

Flights from Cape town to Johannesburg
Bus & train trips from Cape Town to Johannesburg

BA economy class
flight BA6426 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Interlink Airline economy class
flight ID002 departs 1800 arrives 2000


City to City bus

400 economy class
flight MN460 departs 2000 arrives 2200


Greyhound bus


Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE178 departs 2015 arrives 2220


Intercape bus


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T112 departs 1800 arrives 2000


SA Roadlink bus


SAA economy class
flight SA362 departs 1750 arrives 1950


Translux bus


BA business class
flight SA362 departs 1750 arrives 1950


Shosholoza Meyl Economy Class


Interlink business class
flight SA362 departs 1750 arrives 1950


Shosholoza Meyl Tourist Class


SAA business class


Premier Classe train



cockpit of a plane

SAA & BA bump business class prices up

SAA have increased their business class flight prices from R2177 for a one-way flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, to R2784, and at the same time BA have increased their business class prices from R2912 to R3263. Interlink Airline offer the cheapest business class prices by far (R1709, just higher than SAA's economy class prices!).

Shosholoza Meyl train is cheapest

The very cheapest way of getting from Cape Town to Johannesburg (other than using Tom-thumb on the highways), is by taking the Shosholoza Meyl train (economy class is only R280).

Vultures galore

If one is willing to make the effort to look and wait, there is a bounty of beauty hanging off the cliffs of Thabazimbi. Thanks to Swiss photographer, Francois Portmann, we don't have to travel to Thabazimbi and exercise patience, rather we can witness what he saw through his camera lens. With his stunning photographs, Mr Portmann is a deserved winner of this week's blog of the week, we hope he visits South Africa again.

Thabazimbi vultures

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