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Mango cheapest flight in a year

31 Oct flights
4 Oct 2008

Mango is offering the lowest flight price we've surveyed on the Durban - Cape Town route in a year (if it looks high to you, note that our surveys are all done on Friday afternoons/evenings, when flight prices are a bit higher than usual, but it's also the most practical time to fly). Mango flight JE387 is scheduled to leave Durban at 2115 and arrive in Cape Town at 2325.

one-way flights from Durban to Cape Town
bus trips from Durban to Cape Town

BA - British Airways : economy class


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Kulula Air : economy class

sold out

Citiliner bus


Mango : economy class


City to City bus


1time Airline : economy class

sold out

Greyhound bus


SAA - South African Airways : economy class


SA Roadlink bus


BA business class
business class


Translux bus


At R659, Mango's flight price is the lowest we've surveyed from Durban to Cape Town since 22 Sep 2007, when Nationwide Airlines quoted R630.

Mango plane at the airport

A business perspective

From a business point of view we think Mango has missed a trick here. With both Kulula Air and 1time being sold out, they had a great opportunity to cash in with higher prices. This raises the question - is Mango (1) being run as a business and trying to maximise profit, or (2) is it a taxpayer subsidised flying service being offered to the public?

Business class flights

For business class flights, SAA is once again cheapest from Durban to Cape Town. In fact, its business class flight price (R2188) is very close to its economy class price (R1846).

bus prices from Durban to Cape Town

Other than SA Roadlink increasing their price from R550 to R599, bus prices are exactly the same as last time we surveyed the Durban to Cape Town route.

Green index lowest this year

We keep track of the cost of flying relative to the cost of travelling by bus, and call this index our "green index" (as it is more environmentally friendly to travel by bus than to fly). With the decrease in flight prices as a result of Mango's low price, the green index has dropped to its lowest level this year.

Green index
Cheapest flight
Cheapest bus

4 Oct 2008


R659 (Mango Airline)

R390 (City to City & Citiliner)

23 Aug 2008


R899 (Mango Airline)

R390 (City to City & Citiliner)

12 Jul 2008


R699 (Mango Airline)

R370 (City to City bus)

31 May 2008


R1085 (Mango Airline)

R380 (City to City bus)

19 Apr 2008


R790 (British Airways - BA)

R360 (City to City bus)

8 Mar 2008


R739 (Mango Airline)

R299 (SA Roadlink)

26 Jan 2008


R691 (Nationwide Airline)

R350 (Citiliner & City to City bus )

15 Dec 2007


R725 (Mango Airline)

R299 (SA Roadlink)

Katie joins a Cape Town mission for African Leadership

God bless Katie! In June Katie flew from Birmingham to Cape Town via London and she didn't just visit the pretty places like Camps Bay and Lions Head (see photo below of Khayelitsha). She's staying at a mission for African Leadership (joining up with missionaries from Canada, Korea & Portugal) and doing a lot of good, at the same time as getting to know Capetonians at a much deeper level than most travellers. Great to know that there are people like her around, the world is a better place for it.

Shack in a Cape Town township

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