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SAA offers cheapest flight!

10 October 2008 flights
surveyed on 13 Sep 2008

History has been made today - for the first time ever in our regular flight surveys SAA (South African Airways) is offering the cheapest flight (and we have been running these surveys since 21 April 2007). We looked at flight prices from Cape Town to Durban on the 10th September (from 1344 to 2031) and SAA flight SA 616 is the cheapest, at R895. SA 616 is scheduled to leave Cape Town International Airport at 1400 and arrive in Durban at 1600.

Flights from Cape Town to Durban
Bus trips from Cape Town to Durban

British Airways economy class


Baz Bus (7 day pass)

1200 economy class


Citiliner coach


Mango Airlines economy class
leaves 1650, arrives 1850

flight JE362

City to City coach


1time Airline economy class

sold out

Greyhound coach


SAA economy class
leaves 1500, arrives 1600

flight SA616

SA Roadlink coach


SAA businesss class
British Airways business class


Translux coach


SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

SAA also cheapest business class

SAA is cheapest at everything today! For good measure, SAA is not only offering the cheapest economy class ticket but also the cheapest business class ticket.

Highest coach prices ever

At an average of R467, today's survey quoted the highest coach prices ever from Cape Town to Durban (previous highest was R449 average on 21 June 2008). Even the cheapest coach trip is pretty expensive, at R390 (Citiliner & City to City coach).

Citiliner coachliner

Melissa visits Cape Town, Joburg man stalks her

Melissa travelled from Singapore to Cape Town to help with an Emirates print campaign. She seems to be just as much of a photography nut as I am, and here's a photograph she took from her hotel room of Lion's Head in Cape Town (with Signal Hill rising up to the right).

Lions Head in Cape Town

Unfortuanately some guy from Johannesburg wouldn't leave her alone, following her to her room...and only after she had called hotel security did he get the message.

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