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Costly flights from DUR to CPT

19 Sep 2008 flights
on 23 Aug 2008

There's nothing cheap about the flight prices from DUR to CPT on the 19th September. BA (British Airways), and 1time Airline all recorded their highest prices we have ever seen on this route - only the state-owned carriers (Mango Airlines and SAA) kept prices down somewhat. The cheapest flight surveyed was Mango Airlines flight JE387 (costing R899), which is scheduled to leave DUR at 2115 (the price reduces to R814.90 if you type Edgars Club card promotional code EDG010 in - you can get discounts fares with Mango & Edgars).

One-way flights from DUR to CPT
Bus trips from DUR to CPT

BA - British Airways : economy class


Baz Bus (7 day pass)

1200 : economy class


Citiliner bus


Mango Airlines : economy class


City to City bus


1time Airline : economy class


Greyhound bus


SAA - South African Airways : economy class


SA Roadlink bus


BA business class
SAA business class


Translux bus


Interestingly, whilst most flight prices were going up, the cost of an SAA business class seat reduced from R2817 to R2167.

Mango Airlines plane

We had a tie for cheapest bus from DUR to CPT - Citiliner & City to City were both charging R390 (the only change in bus prices from the previous survey was City to City increasing their bus prices from R370 to R390).

bar photo of Away with the Fairies backpacker lodgeRita's Hogsback adventure

Rita shares a few clickies of her field trip to the Hogsback Mountains - which is known as being the area that inspired Tolkein with ideas for his book, The Lord of the Rings. She stayed at the "Away with the Fairies" backpacker lodge, which she also discovered was one of the liveliest places in town (see photo on the right). Rita flew from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town with 1time airline, which she described as being "surprisingly good". In Cape Town she visited the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens.


ACSA staff, Mango plane

Here's a photo of ACSA staff hard at work at Cape Town International Airport, with a Mango Airlines aircraft in the background.

ACSA staff working next to a Mango plane at Cape Town airport

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