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Mango's 4th in a row

6 June 2008 flights
surveyed on 10 May 2008

I'm still missing Nationwide Airlines. This week we surveyed costs of travelling from Cape Town to Durban and Mango Airlines was easily the cheapest at R623.

Flights from Cape Town to Durban
Bus trips from Cape Town to Durban

British Airways


Baz Bus (7 day pass)



Citiliner coach


Mango Airline
leaves 1850, arrives 2050

flight JE362

City to City coach


Greyhound coach


1time Airline

sold out

SA Roadlink coach


South African Airways


Translux bus


Mango Airline plane parket at Cape Town Airport

Mango's 4 in a row

This is the fourth survey in a row that Mango have been cheapest on this flight route:

Flight date
Flight route
Cheapest Airline
Average flight price
Most expensive airline

6 Jun 2008

Cape Town to Durban

Mango R623


British Airways R1200

25 Apr 2008

Cape Town to Durban

Mango R960


SAA R1593

14 Mar 2008

Cape Town to Durban

Mango R733


Kulula R1496

1 Feb 2008

Cape Town to Durban

Mango R550


British Airways R1100

Mango advertising 1lifedirect

Whilst checking Mango Airline's flight prices I noticed that Mango is advertising 1lifedirect insurance on its site - buy your life insurance before your flight just in case?

Bus prices creeping up

Bus prices have been slowly creeping up. A good barometer is the cost of the cheapest bus trip from Cape Town to Durban, which has climbed from R350 to R370 since our last survey.

City to City coach options

At R370 City to City offers the cheapest coach trip from Cape Town to Durban. Here are your options:

Departure City

Destination City

Full Price

Departure Date & Time

Arrival Date & Time





06 June - 06h00

07 June - 07h05

City to City coach




06 June - 17h00

07 June - 20h30

City to City coach

Car Hire prices in Durban

Once you arrive in Durban you may wish to hire a car for the weekend from the 6th June 2008 to the 8th June 2008.

Europcar rentals

Avis car rental

Hertz car rental

Imperial car rental

Imperial car rental (now Europcar)

Tempest car hire

Thrifty Car Rental








As usual Tempest Car Hire was cheapest.

Hotel prices in Durbs

As usual Road Lodge Hotel (part of the City Lodge Group) offered the cheapest night's accommodate in Durban (we checked the night of the 6th June 2008):

Protea Hotel Edward

City Lodge Durban

Road Lodge Durban

Holiday Inn Garden Court South Beach

Holiday Inn Garden Court Marine Parade

Southern Sun North Beach

Suncoast Hotel & Towers








Travel blog of the week

Regular readers know that I like blogs with photos and I am not let down. Lisa, a Londonite visited compact Cape Town for a friend's wedding, staying on a vineyard in the Stellenbosch area (even though she's not a drinker - wise lady), and published stax of photos of ice-cream coloured colonial houses, and tells us how the streets are similar to San Francisco. Awesome blog, and she's a worthy winner of our blog of the week competition.

Cable Car Station on Table Mountain in Cape Town

Cape Town airport under construction

Here's a photo of Cape Town airport as it looked in January 2008. Note all the construction going on. Behind the cranes towards the bottom right of the photo is the Table Mountain range. To the left of the photo is a South African Airways airbus. The photo was taken at the point of disembarking, between the plane and the landing staircase.

Cape Town airport under construction

Foreign flying news

Ryanair flight quote of the week

A Life in Full Flight
"The most exciting route opportunity ever to be given to any independent airline operating into or out of Ireland." Tony Ryan in December 1985, after receiving a licence to operate Ryanair flights on the London to Dublin flight route from London's Luton airport (which crucially for his purposes, was not officially classified as a London airport - else he'd have to charge higher fares); as described in Michael O'Leary's biography by Alan Ruddock, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".

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