British Airways
the new SA low cost carrier

16 May 2008 flights
surveyed 19 Apr 2008

This is super-fantastical, I think I've died and gone to heaven. Once again British Airways, who offer the best flight in South Africa, are also offering the cheapest flight. We surveyed flights from Durban to Cape Town on the 16th May 2008 (leaving between 1349 and 2146), and British Airways (South Africa's latest low cost carrier) are cheapest at R790.

Flights from Durban to Cape Town
Bus trips from Durban to Cape Town

British Airways


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


no flights

Citiliner bus


Mango Airlines


City to City bus


Nationwide Airlines

no flights

Greyhound bus


1time Airline


SA Roadlink bus


SAA - South African Airways


Translux bus


Taking nothing from British Airways, it must be mentioned that if you used the promotional code "PNMS01" when booking your Mango Airways flight, the flight price reduces to R688 (cheaper than British Airways).

photo of a British Airways plane

British Airways' time in the sun

Airlines seems to go through periods of offering great flight prices. In the first 11 months of 2007 (i.e. before Nationwide were grounded), Nationwide Airline was without a doubt most regularly the cheapest. Now, over the last month, British Airways of all airlines, are going through a purple patch. In the last 5 survey BA have been cheapest on 3 occassions:

Survey date
Flight date
Flight route
Cheapest airline
Cheapest flight price
Average flight price

22 Mar 2008

18 Apr 2008

Johannesburg to Cape Town

British Airways



29 Mar 2008

25 Apr 2008

Cape Town to Durban

Mango Airline



5 Apr 2008

2 May 2008

Durban to Johannesburg

1time airline



11 Apr 2008

9 May 2008

Cape Town to Johannesburg

British Airways



19 Apr 2008

16 May 2008

Durban to Cape Town

British Airways



Well done British Airways, long may it last.

SAA's cheapest flight in a while

South African Airways (SAA) flight price of R821 is the cheapest flight price they've ever offered from Durban to Cape Town (although it's still the most expensive of the airlines in today's survey) since August 2007. Congratulations to SAA on this pricing achievement. We look forward to seeing you top our survey (in over a year of surveying flights in South Africa, SAA have never been cheapest).

Bus prices on the up

Most bus prices have increased from last week, and City to City have dethroned SA Roadlink, and are offering the cheapest bus trip from Durban to Cape Town (R360).

Cape Town Car rentals

Once you get to the mother city, you may want to rent a car. Car rental prices are from 2100 on the 16th May until 1300 on the 18th May. Vehicles picked up and returned at Cape Town International Airport.

Europcar rentals

Avis car hire

Hertz car rental

Imperial car rental (now Europcar)

First Car Rental

Tempest car hire

Thrifty car rental








Tempest Care Hire is still cheapest. Avis and Hertz car rental have seen their flight prices increase since the last survey of Cape Town car rentals.

Hotel accommodation in Cape Town

So you've flown British Airways from Durban Cape Town for R790 (or taken the City to City bus for R360), hired a Tempest Car for the weekend for R326 - now where do you book your hotel room? Hotel prices listed below are for the evening of the 16th May.

Protea Hotel Break-water Lodge

Cape Town

City LodgeV&A Water-front

Town Lodge Bellville

Road Lodge Cape Town Airport

Southern Sun V&A Waterfront

StayEasy Century City

Garden Court De Waal

Sun Int
The Table Bay Waterfront










The evening of the 16th May is a good time to book a night's accommodation in Cape Town. The Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge is costing R710 (down from R955), the Southern Sun at the Waterfront is R808 (down from R1325) and Sun International's The Table Bay is a mere R3600 (down from R4775). Cheapest as usual is the Road Lodge at Cape Town International Airport.

Nationwide error messages

Nationwide Airline can offer more accurate error messages when there aren't any flights available. Currently, we get the following error message which doesn't make it clear whether the flight is simply sold out or whether Nationwide doesn't in fact offer flights on that route, unecessarily putting the onus on the person browsing the site to do some detective work.

Error - We were unable to process your request.
Common reasons why your request may have been unsuccessful include:

  • Nationwide Airlines may not operate flights on the day or time you selected.

  • The flight dates you selected may be sold out and no longer be available.

  • An error occurred in the search process. Please try again.

  • With regards to our London Services, flights depart Johannesburg on SUN, TUE, WED, FRI and depart London on MON, TUE, THU and SAT.

    Please check Nationwide Airlines Routes and Schedules for additional information.

British Airways flight special

British Airways are currently running flight specials, with flights from London to Cape Town being from £509 and there also being good prices for flights from London to Johannesburg.

flight route from London to Cape Town

Durban to Cape Town flight price history

We now of a year's worth of data of flight prices on the Durban to Cape Town flight route , so it's a good time to look back:

Survey date
Flight date
Cheapest airline
Cheapest flight price
Most expensive airline
Most expensive flight price

19 Apr 2008

16 May 2008

British Airways (BA)


South African Airways (SAA)


8 Mar 2008

4 Apr 2008

Mango Airline


South African Airways (SAA)


26 Jan 2008

22 Feb 2008

Nationwide Airline


South African Airways (SAA)


15 Dec 2007

11 Jan 2008

Mango Airline


South African Airways (SAA)


3 Nov 2007

30 Nov 2007

Mango Airline


Kulula Airways


22 Sep 2007

19 Oct 2007

Nationwide Airline


South African Airways (SAA)


11 Aug 2007

7 Sep 2007

Nationwide Airline


British Airways


30 Jun 2007

27 Jul 2007

Mango Airline


Kulula Airways


19 May 2007

15 Jun 2007

Nationwide Airline


Kulula Airways


Looking at flight prices on the Durban to Cape Town flight route over the last year we can see that Nationwide Airline and Mango Airlines have each been cheapest on 4 occassions. Most expensive airline on the flight route has been South African Airways (SAA) who have been most expensive on 5 occassions. Happily, Kulula Airways' patch of being most expensive seems to have ended.

Goudini SpaJessica visits South Africa

Jessica visited South Africa (flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam to Cape Town), and what I like about her blog is that she's sharing tons of pictures. Normally I link to a single blog post, but in her case I'm linking to her entire blog. According to Jessica:

  • she wonders why they call it Boulders Beach...ha ha Boulders Beach

  • her first week in South Africa was a blur as her body struggled to adapt to the change in time zones

  • South Africa has the biggest crickets on earth (and she's not talking about the Jacques Kallis variety)

  • warning - if you get your hair plaited like an African woman,the next day it will be frizzy

Goudini Spa pool

Lufthansa in Cape Town

A Lufthansa plane parked at Cape Town International Airport. Note all the cranes and construction going on in the background - the photo was taken in January 2008. Behind the various cranes is Devil's Peak.

Lufthansa plane at Cape Town Airport - South Africa

Foreign flight news

Passengers in seat 1A will be "killed on impact"

A Life in Full Flight
"Smith claimed that during her training she was told that any passenger sitting in seat 1A on a Ryanair flight would be killed on impact in any crash because a piece of metal used to attach a handrail would go straight into their head." Extract from Alan Ruddock's biography of Michael O'Leary (the head honcho at Ryanair flights),: "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


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