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Mango Airway offering a the best deal

SouthAfrica.TO survey
25 April 2008 flights
surveyed on 29 Mar 2008

Eventually sanity must prevail. Last week was a bit crazy with British Airways offering the cheapest flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. This week Mango Airway has restored some order to the universe by reclaiming the cheapest flights for the low cost carriers (and if you use a promotional code, PNMS01, Mango are much cheaper than the others).

Flights from Cape Town to Durban
Bus trips from Cape Town to Durban

British Airways


Baz Bus (7 day pass)



Citiliner bus


Mango Airline


City to City bus


Nationwide Airlines


Greyhound bus


1time Airline

sold out

SA Roadlink bus


South African Airways


Translux bus


The R960 Mango flight leaves Cape Town at 1920 (we only survey flights which leave between 1344 and 2031) and is scheduled to arrive in Durban at 2120.

Mango promotional codeMango promotional code

If you're booking a Mango flight, please remember to use our promotional code when making the booking, as it could save you 15%. The code is "PNMS01" - type it in when you're making a booking. The R960 flight price quoted above was without using the promotional code. When using the promotional code the flight price came down to R824.

Not a good time to fly

The 25th of April 2008 is not such a good time to fly from Cape Town to Durban - the average flight price is R1297 for a one-way ticket. The only time we've recorded a more expensive average flight price was on the 21st December 2007 (R1522).

flight date

25 May 2007

6 Jul 2007

17 Aug 2007

28 Sep 2007

9 Nov 2007

21 Dec 2007

1 Feb 2008

14 Mar 2008

25 April 2008

average flight price










cheapest airline










cheapest flight










Mango building up a good record

Mango Airway is building up a handy track record on the Cape Town to Durban flight route. Last year was very much Nationwide's year, with it providing the cheapest flight on four of the six occasions we surveyed the route (and Mango only once). This year, Mango Airway has offered the cheapest flight price on every single of the 3 occassions we've surveyed the route. Kulula still has the record for the cheapest flight price of R288 (there's something for Mango to aim for).

City to City the cheapest bus ride

Last time we surveyed bus trips from Cape Town to Durban, there was a three-way tie for cheapest between Citiliner, City to City and SA Roadlink. This week they've all raised their prices except City to city, which is offering the cheapest bus trip from Cape Town to Durban.

City to City bus

Car rentals in Durban

Once you get to Durban, you might want to hire a car. Here's the current prices for car rentals from the evening of the 25th April, returning midday onthe 27th April:

Rental period

Europcar rentals

Avis car hire

Hertz car rental

Imperial car rental (now Europcar)

National Car

Tempest car hire

Thrifty car rental

25 Apr 2008
27 Apr 2008








We've been surveying the car rental industry for a while now, and it is way less interesting than the airline industry - prices of car rental rarely change, Tempest car hire is almost always the cheapest and Imperial car rental is almost always the most expensive.

Hotel rooms in Durban

Durban is pretty busy on the evening of the 25th April - Road Lodge Durban is full and they suggested to try the City Lodge Durban. City Lodge Durban is full (and they suggested to try the City Lodge Hotel Umhlanga, who in turn are charging R736 for a night).

Protea Hotel Edward

City Lodge Durban

Road Lodge Durban

Holiday Inn Garden Court South Beach

Holiday Inn Garden Court Marine Parade

Southern Sun North Beach

Suncoast Hotel & Towers


no availability

no availability





For the first time then the Durban Road Lodge isn't the cheapest - the cheapest hotel room surved on the 25th April in Durban is the Holiday Inn Garden Court South Beach, at R588.

KLM 4 day sale

If you're reading this you may just be in time to take advantage of the last day of the KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines 4 days sale), which runs until the 31st March 2008. We in particular saw some good flight prices for flights from London to Johannesburg (even better than Emirates the one we looked at). There were also good flight prices from other parts of the UK to South Africa.

Strand beauty queen on first Emirates flight

A former Strand beauty high school beauty queen is going to be an air hostess on the first Emirates flight from Dubai to Cape Town. Marilee Vermaak attended Strand High and won the 1997 Miss Helderberg and Miss Junior Western Cape titles. Marilee is a senior flight steward with Emirates. Emirates will be flying non-stop from Dubai to Cape Town from the 30th March 2008. In the photograph below Marilee is first princess (on the left) in the Miss South Africa Western Cape, 1999 (the winner in the middle was Marisa Eggli of Somerest West). So if you want to fly with true beauty, the Emirates flights from Cape Town to Durban seem like a good option.

Junior Miss South Africa Western Cape 1999

Singapore Airlines

A Singapore Airlines aircraft parked at O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg). Photo taken in January 2008.

Singapore Airlines plane parked at O.R. Tambo International Airport

Holiday with a difference

Looking for something different for your next holiday? Try the white rhino or lion immobilisation safaris with Dr Peter Brothers, a vet who will not only take you on game drives and teach you about conservation, but also involves locating and darting of the white rhinos or lions and you cat get close up and hands-on once the animal has been immobilised.

International aviation news

"An absolute bloody disgrace"

A Life in Full Flight
"We, as the largest airline in the country, have not been consulted on either the location, the cost or design of this terminal. It's an absolute bloody disgrace that it's not going to be here until late 2009 [and] how can you spend 1.2 billion Euros when the private sector has offered to build it for 200 million Euros with no extra cost to the taxpayer is equally a disgrace." Michael O'Leary (the main man at Ryanair flights) commenting on behalf of Ryanair to the state-owned Dublin Airport Authority's plans for a new terminal at Dublin airport, as quoted in the his biography: "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".

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