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Mango record cheapest

SouthAfrica.TO survey
11 April 2008 flights
surveyed on 15 Mar 2008

In this time of sky-high oil prices one couldn't be blamed for expecting sky-high flight prices. However, that little orange carrier has, against these odds, recorded the lowest flight price we've surveyed from Joburg to Durban over the last year, and is 31% cheaper than the second cheapest flight (1time) - a larger price gap than one would expect to find in a competitive market. Mango flight JE283 is scheduled to leave Joburg at 2035 and arrive in Durban at 2150.

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban
Bus trips from Johannesburg to Durban

British Airways


Baz Bus (7 day pass)



City to City bus


Mango Airlines


Greyhound bus


Nationwide Airlines


Intercape bus


1time Airline


SA Roadlink bus


SAA - South African Airways


Citiliner bus
Translux bus


Cockpit of Mango plane
Flight prices from Joburg to Durban

Astonishingly, not only was today the cheapest flight we have surveyed from Joburg to Durban, but also the first time Mango Airlines has offered the cheapest flight (go big or go home) in our surveys from Joburg to Durban. Congratulations to Hein Kaiser.


Cheapest airline

Cheapest flight

15 Mar 2008

Mango airline


2 Feb 2008

Kulula airline


22 Dec 2007

1time airline


26 May 2007

Nationwide airline


7 Jul 2007

Nationwide airline


18 Aug 2007

Nationwide airline


29 Sep 2007

Nationwide airline


10 Nov 2007

Nationwide airline


The previous cheapest flight from Joburg to Durban was with Nationwide Airline, surveyed on the 7th July 2007 (and flying 4 weeks later).

Bus prices on the up

At the same time as Mango is setting a record low flight price from Joburg to Durban, bus prices have gone up slightly. Excluding the Baz Bus (which is operating in a different market) the average bus price has risen to R146 (as compared to R132 when we previously checked on the 2nd Feb 2008). However, SA Roadlink is still cheapest and still offering R99 bus trips from Joburg to Duran.

SA Roadlink bus

Hotel prices in Durban

As usual, the Road Lodge offers you the cheapest night's accommodation in Durban, however this week the Protea Hotel Edwards takes the title for the most expensive night's accommodation (last survey it was the Suncoast Hotel & Towers).

Hotel night

Protea Hotel Edward

City Lodge Durban

Road Lodge Durban

Holiday Inn Garden Court South Beach

Holiday Inn Garden Court Marine Parade

Southern Sun North Beach

Suncoast Hotel & Towers

11 Apr 2008








Renting a car for the weekend in Durban

Car rental prices do not seem to move much from week to week, and Tempest car hire is once again offering the cheapest car rental for the weekend.


Europcar rentals

Avis car rental

Hertz car rental

Imperial car rental (now Europcar)

National Car

Tempest car hire

Thrifty car rental

11 Apr 2008
13 Apr 2008








Air Botswana aircraft

Photo of an Air Botswana aircraft taxying at O.R. Tambo International Airport. Photo taken in January 2008.

Air Botswana plane at Joburg airport

Travellers on the web

Turning an aircraft aisle into a gym

Dr Charles van der Horst tells the New York Times how he turns the endlessly long South African Airways (SAA) flight from New York to Johannesburg into an opportunity to do a workout. He performs lunges, pushups and crunches in the aisle of the plane, before enjoying a sponge bath in the restroom.

O.R. Tambo International, Bjork and drive-by robbings

Richard Stupart visits Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport not to catch a flight, but to remind himself that adventure is only one decision away:

  • late at night, with "this being South Africa" there are very few people around and the airport is reduced to a "massive airconditioned warehouse"

  • the orange seats of O.R. Tambo together with the white marbly floors make it look like a scene from a Bjork music video

  • "I would wail around in a tone deaf fashion and cover myself in bells to complete the metaphor, but worry that I might attract the attentions of the airport police"

  • He was warned that his laptop might get stolen by "drive by airport thieves".

International flight news

Aer Lingus...echoes of the transformation South African Airways is going through

A Life in Full Flight
"We do not consider that we have a public service commitment. We believe we have a commercial mandate. While I do not wish to give the impression that the company is driven solely by profitability, profitability is critical. It is important to highlight that we are driven by viability, and that for us to be viable, we must be profitable. Aer Lingus has a commercial mandate and operates commercially. Clearly, our view is that the company must generate a profit on all of its activities, for which I make no apologies. This perspective became very clear to us in 2001 when we were faced with closure. I have stated this before, but it must be said again. " Willie Walsh, head of Aer Lingus (major competitor of Ryanair flights) quoted in the biography of Michael O'Leary: "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".

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