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Mango does it to me one more time

SouthAfrica.TO survey
14 Mar 2007 flights
surveyed on 16 Feb 2008

Wel it's nowhere near the cheapest flight we've ever seen from Cape Town to Durban (the cheapest is the R288 from on the 17th August 2007), but for the second time in a row Mango Airline are offering the cheapest flight from Cape Town To Durban.

Flights from Cape Town to Durban
Bus trips from Cape Town to Durban

British Airways


Baz Bus (7 day pass)



Citiliner bus


Mango Airline


City to City bus


Nationwide Airlines


Greyhound bus


1time Airline

sold out

SA Roadlink bus


South African Airways


Translux bus


Mango Airline flight JE362 leaves Cape Town at 1920 and arrives in Durban at 2120, the flight costs R733.

Mango Airline aircraft parked at airport

Two in a row for Mango Airline

The last time we surveyed the Cape Town to Durban flight route Mango Airline were also cheapest (then R550). Well done Mango Airline for two in a row on this flight route (and the only reason they weren't cheapest the time before was because they were sold out!). most expensive

We were surprised that was the most expensive airline (it's meant to be a low-cost carrier) in the survey (R1496 for a flight from Cape Town to Durban). What's even more surprising is that is more expensive than British Airways (both run by Comair, with British Airways being the full service carrier). It's not the first time this has happened, and goes to show that it's always worthwhile to check the prices of the full service carriers - British Airways and South African Airways.

Three-way tie for cheapest bus trip

For the first time, there was a 3-way tie for the cheapest bus trip from Cape Town to Durban. SA Roadlink, City to City and Citliner tied for the cheapest bus trip with a fare of R350.

Hotel prices in Durban

Here's some hotel options for when you get to Durban. The hotel prices are for one adult for the evening of the 14th March 2008:

Protea Hotel Edward

City Lodge Durban

Road Lodge Durban

Holiday Inn Garden Court South Beach

Holiday Inn Garden Court Marine Parade

Southern Sun North Beach

Suncoast Hotel & Towers








Cheapest hotel is the Road Lodge Durban and the most expensive is the Suncoast Hotel and Towers.

Car rentals in Durban

(ps this is our inaugural car rental survey - we welcome feedback)

Europcar rentals

Avis car hire

Hertz car rental

Imperial car rental (now Europcar)

National Car

Tempest car hire

Thrifty car rental








The cheapest car rental is with Tempest car hire. For R326 you can hire a car from 2100 on the 14th March until 1300 on the 16th March, for which you'll get:

  • a Group J Volkswagen Chico

  • 400 "free" kilometres (extra kilometres driven cost R1.39/km)

Your Chico must be picked up and dropped off at Durban International Airport, and your excess in event of accident or theft is R6,500.

your SouthAfrica.TO needs you!

Over the last year we've put a ton of work into developing our blog at and have achieved some notable successes:

  • ranked number 2 site in South Africa at SAtopsites

  • ranked number 2 site in Africa at Afrigator

We have been encouraged to enter it into the SA Blog Awards...and we would dearly appreciate it if you could take some time out of your schedule and go to nominate the blog. To see our blog in the running, would be such a good feeling it's hard to describe.

Line of planes at Johannesburg Airport

A photo of a line of planes at Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport. Photo taken on the 19th January 2008.

line of planes at Johannesburg airport

On the web last week

man drinking beer in LangaAmerican in Cape Town

Nick Rosenfeld flies from Seattle to Cape Town for a honeymoon in Cape Town, and tells us his story:

  • "2 longest legs of the trip were of course New York to Dubai and Dubai to Johannesburg".

  • "we were thrilled that our luggage had made it all this way as well AND that our bags had not been broken into during the Jo'Burg layover (a very frequent occurrence)"

  • "Never have I seen the amount on a taxi meter increase so fast!"

  • "Just like a windy winter day in Seattle."

  • "we saw plenty of baboons on the side of the road.  We even saw one that was 'honeymooning' too as JoAnne pointed out."

  • "We left Langa feeling extremely fortunate for what we have"

Knysna Heads in South AfricaMartin & Marianne tour South Africa

Martin and Marianne hopped into their rented Golf Chico, went on a tour of South Africa, and shared their story:

  • "we reached a lookout point with the most breathtaking view of Cape Town"

  • " Cape Agulhas...a magnificent place to be"

  • "Knysna us it looked like Italy"

New Bus Routes Added

For those of you who have time on your side and a wish to see some new parts of South Africa, perhaps a bus trip will be up your alley. We have added information on routes from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth; Nelspruit to Port Elizabeth; Bloemfontein to Port Elizabeth; East London to Port Elizabeth; George to Port Elizabeth; Kimberley to Port Elizabeth

International flying news

Emirates chooses Cape Town as its 100th destination

From March the 30th, Emirates Airline will be operating flights between Dubai and Cape Town - this will open up loads of opportunities for Capetonians, as Emirates links up to all parts of the world; and are known for their budget pricing. Cape Town will be Emirates' 100th destination.

French President wins a hundred cents off Ryanair

On the 28th January, rumour was rife that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his girlfriend Carla Bruni would be marrying. Ever the opportunist, Ryanair ran an advert featuring a photo of Sarkozy and Bruni with a cartoon bubble appearing from Bruni's mouth saying in French: "With Ryanair, my whole family can come to my wedding". The court awarded Sarkozy a symbolic one euro and Bruni sixty thousand euros. Ryanair in turn achieved worldwide attention for their advert.

Ryanair ad with Sarkozy and Bruni

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