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Fly Cape Town to Durban

SouthAfrica.TO survey
1 February 2007 flights
surveyed on 5 Jan 2008

Our first cheapest flights survey of two double o eight, and Mango airlines are picking up where they left off in 2007, offering the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Durban.

Flights from Cape Town to Durban
Bus trips from Cape Town to Durban

British Airways

R 1100

Baz Bus (7 day pass)

R1 020

Kulula Airline

R 786

Citiliner bus

R 120

Mango Airline

R 550

Greyhound bus

R 195

Nationwide Airlines

no flights

Intercape bus

R 130

1time Airline

no flights

SA Roadlink bus

R 99

South African Airways

R 867

Translux bus

R 100

If you want to fly Cape Town to Durban on the cheap, Mango flight JE362 leaving Cape Town at 1920 and arriving in Durban at 2120 costs R550.

Mango plane's cockpit

ACSA's FUSAA pilot gets stuck at Cape Town airportSouth African Aviation news in 2007

From Nationwide being grounded to South African Airways' only female captain getting stuck in the sand at Cape Town International Airport to ACSA's couldn't care-less-staff writing "F%^$ You" on a signboard welcoming foreign tourists to Johannesburg Airport, 2007 was quite a year. Here's our summary of the South African aviation news highlights of 2007.

On the South African web last week

1time holdings share graph1time airline is a buy

Craig Martin punted 1time airline (or at least the listed holding company - 1time Holdings) as a buy, given its PE ratio of 6 versus Comair's PE ratio of 14.6. PE ratios reflect scope for future growth, and we think 1time airline has just as much scope as Comair and deserves a higher rating (even though current web traffic to 1time's website is far lower than website traffic to Kulula's website, this should not play a role in PE ratings).

Xavier and Erin in South Africa

the pink house in Bokaap, Cape TownBokaap's pink house has become a focal point for tourists to photograph when visiting Cape Town - see photograph. Erin hopped onto a flight from London to Johannesburg, and then from Johannesburg to Cape Town, to join Xavier in Cape Town. They sound like really nice people - their aims for the trip include finding out about the "needs and opportunities for education" in South Africa. Erin shares her thoughts on Cape Town:

  • "much like Rio de Janeiro"

  • "This city is just so, well, European and modern that it is hard to fit it with my idea of Africa."

  • "beautiful natural scenery...SA is the world’s 3rd most bio-diverse country, with over 20,000 plant species"

  • "the new government...promised jobs to lift these people out of poverty, but thus far to no visible result."

  • "University Cape Town...still with nearly 50% white enrollment in a country that is 80% black"

Cape Town's Lions Head from the sea

Watery grave on the Johannesburg golf courseJohannesburg Woodmead Golf Course

More tourists should take advantage of South Africa's stunning array of coastal and inland golf courses. We recently played, and photographed the Johannesburg Woodmead Golf Course.

Two New Zealanders visit South Africa

Alisa and Shailen share their Experiences of South Africa:

  • taxi drive - "I ended up being the guy that collected the money from everyone!"

  • Cape Point drive - "The coastline on the drive over was spectacular!"

  • Robben Island - "It is known as the South African Alcatraz"

  • on being on a bus with Australians - "We were making little jokes between ourselves because we knew they were Aussies but they didn’t know we were kiwis."

  • "Nelson Mandela was prisoner 466/64 – he was the 466th person to be jailed in 1964."

New flight routes

We have set up dedicated web pages for flights from London to South Africa and flights from Birmingham to South Africa.

International flight news

Cheap flights from the UK

Are you planning a trip to or from the UK? bmibaby have announced a number of 50% off offers for flights booked by 9 January 2008.

the Gateway to India in MumbaiOur Indian adventure

We've heard through the grapevine that India is the place to be doing business these days. India has much in common with South Africa - similar flying distances between cities, a British colonial history, a well developed middle class but masses of unemployed, cricket as a national sport, a developing airline industry and namechanges to cities galore. We've set up dedicated webpages covering:

flights to Mumbai (Bombay)

flights to Delhi

flights to Chennai (Madras)

Beating the Germans on their home turf

A Life in Full Flight
"I feel like the Michael Owen of the airline industry, beating the Germans on their home turf. Through all these court cases, Lufthansa has probably created more [publicity] for us than we've had on any other route we've launched." Michael O'Leary (the person who makes Ryanair flights occur) after an injunction against the use of the Frankfurt Hahn case was thrown out by a Cologne court as expressed in Alan Ruddock's book, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


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