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London to Cape Town flights
KLM still cheapest

on 21 Aug 2007

flight to Cape TownJust as in our last survey, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) are offering the cheapest flight from London to Cape Town.

Survey of flight prices from London to Cape Town


Air France

British Airways


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines





Virgin Atlantic










Cheapest flight from London to Cape Town is with KLM

The following return flight from London to Cape Town is being offered by KLM £519 (Air France offers the same price for its flights from London to Cape Town, since the two airlines are in partnership):

13 Nov 2007

KL1000 London to Amsterdam flight & KL597 from Amsterdam to Cape Town.

11 Dec 2007

KL598 Cape Town to Amsterdam flight & KL1017 from Amsterdam to London.

Airlines which decreased flight prices

Lufthansa, Nationwide and SAA Airlines decreased their flight prices since the last survey.

Airlines which increased flight prices

Although they still had the cheapest flights from London to Cape Town, Air France flights and KLM flights did increase in price by £10 since the last survey. Qatar Airways also slightly increased its flight prices.

Airlines with steady flight prices

British Airways flights, bmi flights and Virgin Atlantic flights were at the same price level as in the previous survey.


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