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SouthAfrica.TO survey
25 January 2008 flights
surveyed on 29 Dec 2007

It's been one heck of a year for the South African aviation industry, with the big news being Nationwide Airlines being grounded a month ago, and then resurrected a week later. As our last newsletter of 2007, it's appropriate to close off with a comparison of how much it costs to fly on South Africa's busiest internal route - Johannesburg to Cape Town. On the 25th January 2008, it cost the following to fly from Johannesburg to Cape Town (and we've added the prices of bus trips from Johannesburg to Cape Town):

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town
Bus trips from Johannesburg to Cape Town

British Airways

R 1200

Baz Bus (7 day pass)

R1 020

Kulula Airline

R 668

City to City bus

R 290

Mango Airline

R 517

Greyhound bus

R 420

Nationwide Airlines

R 582

Intercape bus

R 390

1time Airline

R 539

SA Roadlink bus

R 399

South African Airways

R 1450

Translux bus

R 340

Blue skies and tailwinds

Congratulations to Mango Airlines and City to City bus for being cheapest in the final survey of 2007. We wish our readers well for 2008, may it be a year filled with blue skies, tailwinds, safe flying and low flight prices.

Travel insurance

Nobody likes buying travel insurance, but we curse ourselves for our stupidity if things go wrong and we don't have it (accidents overseas can cost a lot of cake). We've set up some tips for buying travel insurance, and general information on travel insurance.

SouthAfrica.TO - still cooking

SouthAfrica.TO's latest website ranking shows further improvements, as measured by Alexa, an independent website ranking body. This is all thanks to our loyal readers.

On the web last week

Bad experiences die hard

A year after her bad South African Airways experience, this Texan still remembers it vividly and blogs about it (as part of her merry Christmas message!). Her problems stem from her flight from Atlanta to New York being weather delayed and missing her New York to Johannesburg SAA flight, with a number of knock-on effects.

lion cub
Malaysian in South Africa

Syirah, a fifteen-year-old who's emigrated with her family from Malaysia, tells us of her perceptions of South Africa (link to her blog has subsequently been deleted, as the blog was deleted):

  • "Before I had moved in South Africa [S.A], my life was just a bore."

  • "back then, S.A wasn’t famous as nowadays"

  • "J’burg, S.A was huge compared to Malaysia"

  • "if there were a contest for which nation has the most friendly people, S.A would win it hands down!"

Nationwide miseries continue

It seems Nationwide are still struggling to recover from their grounding a few weeks ago. "Ms Porcelain" has her Nationwide flight to Johannesburg from Cape Town cancelled and the Nationwide staff don't call her to let her know about the cancelled flight, and give mixed messages as to her next steps: "I am extremely annoyed with NATIONWIDE and after this run in with their friendly staff I have no interest in using them again". Read her blog here.

cooling towers of old power station in Cape TownChinese musician in South Africa

After flying from Singapore to Cape Town, we get to hear his thoughts about the place (and see tons of photos):

  • "Drove towards a winery. Some silos on the way"... [Editor: those "silos" are actually cooling towers for the now-defunct Athlone power station]

  • "the weather was not good (too windy, seriously)"

  • "small beach where there were lots of big boulders. Very nice."

  • "don't expect much from Chinese food in South Africa"

  • compulsory picture at Cape Town's Waterfront"seal watching on a boat-ride which was felt very much like a roller-coaster ride"

And then he flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg to continue his story:

  • "A car came next to ours and flashed a police badge asking us to pull over. Our tour guide didn't stop and just kept driving till those guys went away. They were fakes who might've robbed us if we stopped."

  • "nothing much in the city. It's actually not very safe in the city."

  • "we also went to a cultural village and a craft market..*bargaining is crucial in South Africa =.= *"

  • and see this gem of a picture he took below - now we know why the kids in Pilgrim's rest are so well behaved!

how they deal with unruly children in Pilgrim's rest

News from the rest of the ball

British Airways January sale

British Airways January sale is their biggest of the year - at long last we have the flight prices for the British Airways January sale. And while on the UK theme, we've added a page covering trips from London to South Africa (and at the same time spruced up our webpages on trips from London to Johannesburg, trips from London to Cape Town and trips from London to Durban).


map of India including its large citiesPassage (from London) to India

If you've never been to India, now is the time to make a plan. In our never ending quest to improve our coverage of the planet, we're now covering flights from London to India (our sister site,, is covering trips from London to Delhi or London to Bengaluru , flights from London to Chennai, flights from London to Kochi, flights from London to Mumbai, flights from London to Kolkata - previously known as Calcutta).

Cheap flights India

Not only are we covering flights from London to India, but we are also covering flights within India. We are rolling these out from a special page at, and are hoping that the Indian travel community find it just as useful as the South African community has found to be.

A pledge not to fly for a year

This may seem strange for a travel site, but we support carbon-neutral flight, and not flying unless you have to. We were therefore delighted to read about Ben Chu's pledge not to fly for a year. If you'd like to take the pledge, visit (link no longer works).

Michael O'Leary on politicians

A Life in Full Flight
"I have never yet come across a politician who will make a political decision in your favour or against your favour unless it was in their interest, or in what they consider to be the national interest. They just don't make decisions based on the fact that you sponsored something, or that they stayed in some holiday home of yours." Michael O'Leary (the person who makes Ryanair flights occur) expressing his views on politicians decision making process - as expressed in Alan Ruddock's book, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


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