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It's been a big week for Nationwide Airlines - not only losing an engine on takeoff on a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg (the first time it's happened in South African aviatic history), but also; in an absolutely phenomenal run, Nationwide Airlines is offering the cheapest flight from Johannesburg to Durban for the 5th survey in a row of this flight route.

Nationwide flight CE 438 leaves Johannesburg at 1815 and arrives in Durban at 1925. The flight costs R497, compared to an average flight price of R739.

Nationwide engine

Nationwide's phenomenal run

Survey date

Flight date

Flight Route

Nationwide price

Average flight price

10 Nov 2007

7 Dec 2007

Johannesburg to Durban

R 497

R 739

29 Sep 2007

26 Oct 2007

Johannesburg to Durban

R 409

R 587

18 Aug 2007

14 Sep 2007

Johannesburg to Durban

R 409

R 596

7 Jul 2007

3 Aug 2007

Johannesburg to Durban

R 402

R 585

26 May 2007

22 Jun 2007

Johannesburg to Durban

R 596

R 899

SAA plane stuckBad week for Cape Town Airport

Not only did Cape Town Airport have Nationwide Airlines losing an engine on takeoff, but earlier in the week an SAA plane got stuck in sand at Cape Town Airport. Shouldering part of the blame is ACSA (Association of Completely Stupid A$%#holes) who, having closed off the alpha taxyway, failed to draw proper lines on the runway to direct pilots who overshot the echo taxyway (and had to execute a 150 degree turn to get to the apron). Of course ACSA aren't bothering to investigate the incident (they couldn't care less).

Raw uncut cocaine

raw cocaineFifty million rands worth of uncut charlie was discovered at Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport by South African Police. Now before you start thinking that Jackie Selebi's gang of incompetents have sharpened their sleuthing skills - we must point out that this bust was thanks to a tip off from Brazilian police.

The cocaine was colour coded - and the bust saved us from the site of red, blue and yellow nosed people wondering around Johannesburg suffering from a severe bout of Columbian flu.

The colour-coded cocaine, will be taken for forensic testing (presumably not nasal) to determine its grade and origins. An SAP officer, who has experience in these matters, reminded us that uncut cocaine " is usually mixed with Grand-Pa's or baking powder to maximise its grade and value".

Smuts NgonyamaSmuts Ngonyama - Kazakhstan's man of the year

BoratSome men give up their seats for ladies, but others have a different approach. Sharmalee Maistry, having boarded an SA Express flight from Durban to Port Elizabeth (SA 1340), had taken her 6A seat and was making herself comfortable, "The doors (of the plane) had just been closed when the captain suddenly announced there was someone on the plane who was not supposed to be there. They then announced my name." SA Express staff marched her off the plane: "I had to look for my luggage in the hull of the aircraft with the engines roaring in my ears." Shortly afterwards the ANC's Smut Ngonyama arrived on the plane to take Maistry's seat. "I was humiliated, shocked and in a state. Of all the people on the flight, why did they have to choose me?" said Sharmalee Maistry.

On the web this week

"Cape Town is just an amazing city"

A Swiss traveller shares his thoughts on Cape Town - "breathtaking views", "fantastic beaches, stunning mountain scenery and good parties".

Twelve Apostles Mountain Range

Cape Town clickies

On the first leg of their "60/40" African adventure, the Gleasons share photos of Cape Town.

Mount Nelson Hotel

1time - good and bad

Experiences in life vary - sometimes you're caught in the wrong plane at the wrong time whilst other times you fortuitously hit the sweet spot. Lydia Holmes "will never book any 1time flight again", whilst Harvey Carr is looking forward to 1time starting operating flights from East London to Durban. Lydia's 87-year-old Mom had her flight from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town delayed, whilst Harvey's wife was offered a free flight when her flight from East London to Cape Town was delayed.

Beware of overweight baggage

When you think you might be at or over the weight limit for your class, be sure to allow extra time for your flight. Gill Wolters' son had to repack his bags for his flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town, when he discovered that he had too much luggage, he requeued and missed his flight.

ACSA charging twice

Last week we wrote about how a couldn't-care-less monopoly called ACSA was hiking prices - "if you don't like it, suck it up" is ACSA's motto. We're happy to see Glenn Orsmond, of 1time airline, joining us in condemning this ripoff: "What really irritates the airlines is that Acsa is the most profitable airports company in the world. It makes operating profits at 50% of revenue compared to airlines which make approximately 6%...Acsa make profits of close to R1 000-million a year. Instead of investing these profits in infrastructure over the past five years to accommodate this growth, they have paid this out to their shareholders. Now that their infrastructure is inadequate they squeeze the same passengers and airlines. Effectively, by not investing for the past five years, they are making the passenger pay twice... Service standards at the airports are shocking. Baggage theft costs millions a year, security is a joke, conveyor belts break down continually, inadequate check in and ramp facilities cause on-going delays costing millions as well."

We at SouthAfrica.TO will continue this campaign until this worthless monopoly has been broken up.

Flight news from the big wide world

oil rigOil placing upwards pressure on airline prices

It seems that many airliners (including British Airways) may be about to increase their flight prices in light of the higher oil prices we are seeing. Usually airlines hedge themselves against increases in oil prices, but this only provides protection until the term of the hedges end and most carriers only have limited protection in place. British Airways, for instance, hedged 45% of its fuel requirements for for the first six months of 2008, at $76 a barrel, and the remainder of its fuel requirement will be bought at spot rates - currently $96 a barrel. Emirates is 40% hedged for 2008.

Alitalia never on Ryanair's radar screen

"Alitalia wouldn't know how to be predatory. They were always in trouble and they were always in retreat." Extract from Alan Ruddock's book, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


London to Paris flights

British Airways is offering the cheapest flights from London to Paris.

Survey date

Flight date

Air France

British Airways

easyJet flight


National Express *

Eurostar train

4 Nov 2007

30 Nov 2007



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