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SouthAfrica.TO survey
30 November 2007 flights
surveyed on 3 Nov 2007

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula airline

Mango airline



sold out

R 1039

R 1451

R 725

R 1037

R 1389

Mango airline cheapest from Durban to Cape Town

Thank you Hein Kaiser (Mango airline managing director)! Mango airline has come in by far the cheapest on the Durban to Cape Town flight route. We surveyed flights leaving Durban for Cape Town between 1349 and 2146 on Friday the 30th November; and Mango airline flight JE387 leaving Durban at 2145 and arriving in Cape Town at 2355 was the cheapest (R725).

Mango plane cockpit

Record high flight prices

Flight prices from Durban to Cape Town have hit a record high for 2007.

Survey date

Average flight price

3 Nov 2007

R 1128

22 Sep 2007

R 830

11 Aug 2007

R 789

30 Jun 2007

R 651

19 May 2007

R 727

thiefACSA - still fleecing 'em

With the publication of its increased fees, the ACSA couldn't-care-less monopoly continues to fleece the South African public, with the backing of a failed regulatory regime. If you don't like the charges - suck it up - with the exception of the Kruger Mpumalanga Airport and Lanseria, all the significant airports are run by ACSA.

1time massively improves website ranking

Along with SouthAfrica.TO (20% improvement) & Interlink, 1time airline has shown a massive improvement in its Alexa ranking, while unfortuanately the same cannot be said for British Airways (10% loss in ranking).

1time airline photo

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On the web this week

These pesky Capetonians

SAA took some flak in the Sunday Times. A certain C Valentine from Cape Town and S Kaye (also from Cape Town) voiced their unhappiness with South African Airways (SAA). Valentine won't fly with SAA again unless faced with no other choice and Kaye labels as "drivel" SAA's comments in response to customer complaints.

Stefan and Bernie go to Mauritius

Stefan and Bernie go to Mauritius - instead of flying directly from Cape Town to Mauritius, or from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Mauritius, Stefan and Bernie flew from Cape Town to Amsterdam to Paris to Mauritius.

Six things that irk me about flying

"Gnome" from Pietermaritzburg let's us know about the six things that irk him about flying. For instance, "When people push and shove to board the plane. Guys, you have a RESERVED seat. Believe it or not, you have a space in this plane. YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND." ... yes, we too have observed the phenomenom by which boarding a plane results in a deadening of grey matter.

Updates to aircraft listing

Much thanks to some of our regular readers (George flights, CE Guy & PF) for their input on our list of aircraft owned and leased in South Africa (now updated to reflect their insights).

Use it or lose it

Environmental Affairs and Tourism Minister (talk about conflicting interests!) Marthinus van Schalkwyk wants to double the 2.3 million foreign tourists who arrive in South Africa by air every year. Apparently there's a 50% underutilisation of allocated slots, and a "use it or lose it" rule is to be enforced...and who is going to use the newly available slots? Well, government is in talks with Canada and South Korea.

Harare AirportInternational flying news

British Airways dips its wings in farewell to Harare

Eighteen international airlines serviced Harare in 1999 (including Air France, BA, Lufthansa and TAP Portugal linking to Europe) and British Airways was flying four Boeing 747's a week. Now just a handful of African airlines fly to Harare. In a UK government plot to unseat Robert Mugabe, British Airways is leaving Zimbabwe (ok, we don't all believe it's a UK government plot, ..., ok maybe only some delusional Zanu PF supporters). On the 28th October 2007 British Airways said its last goodbyes, as BA flight BA152 took off from the Harare airport, the Boeing 777 dipping its wings and heading north for London. This means if you want to fly from London to Harare with British Airways you'll have to go via Johannesburg or one of the other nearby countries - detours like this are a severe deterrent to tourists.

Surf's up

From the 6th November the carriage of surfboards was meant to be banned on British Airways flights. The International Surfing Association urged its members to lobby British Airways to reverse the ban on surfboards, and even set up a Facebook group - 'British Airways Surfboard Ban'. Their lobbying was successful - surfboards will be allowed, but pole vaults, javelins and canoes remain on the cut list.

Holidaying in North Korea

Looking for something a little different? You may be interested in a holiday in North Korea. In this country tourist advice extends to not folding one's Pyongyang Times if a portrait of Kim Il Sung (founder of North Korea) or his son Kim Jong Il is on the front. "Most Westerners are put up in a hotel on a river island, an Alcatraz of fun that they may not leave unescorted."

Ryanair rents a crowd to insult Lufthansa

A Life in Full Flight
"If you come to the courthouse in Cologne with a banner insulting Lufthansa we'll give you a free ticket on one of our flights from Hahn." Ryanair stirring things up before a court case over whether they could refer to Hahn airport as being Frankfurt, as explained by Alan Ruddock in his book, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


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