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SouthAfrica.TO survey
23 November 2007 flights
surveyed on 27 Oct 2007

1time cheapest from Cape Town to Johannesburg

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula airline

Mango airlines



R 639

R 730

R 656

R 746

R 695

R 657

We like 1time airline, so it's heartening to see that they're offering the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. We surveyed flights leaving Cape Town for Johannesburg between 1729 and 2031 on Friday the 23rd November; and 1time flight 1T112 leaving Cape Town at 1800 and arriving in Johannesburg at 2000 was the cheapest (R639).

1time aircraft

Attaboy 1time airline

The last time we compared flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, 1time airline were also the cheapest (15 Sep 2007 comparison of flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg).

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula airline

Mango airlines









Air fares going up and up

As we approach the summer travelling season, flight prices from Cape Town to Johannesburg are climbing higher and higher. For the record, the average flight prices in surveys of flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg this year are:

Flight date and route

Average flight price

23 November flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg


12 October flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg


31 August flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg


20 July flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg


8 June flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg


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British Airways 747-400

South African carriers' fleets

Ever wondered what type of aircraft South African carriers (1time, British Airways, Kulula, Mango airline, Nationwide, SAA) fly? Have a look at aircraft owned by South African carriers.

Windhoek City CentreAir Namibia flights

Up to now we've focussed on flights to, from and within South Africa. Namibia is so much like South Africa (witness the Rugby World Cup 2007 where we all cheered for them), so we've added in coverage of Air Namibia. At the same time we've added coverage of flights from Cape Town to Windhoek and flights from Johannesburg to Windhoek.

The Craig-Jody dream European vacation

We've written before about Craig and Jody's dream European vacation. The good news is that these young UCT students have raised half the money they require for their holiday. We've had a look at flights from Cape Town to London and flights from Cape Town to Paris to help them find a cheap one - read about our search here.

Springboks win rugby world cup 2007England rugby jerseyA safe bet - free tickets if England wins

The UK's business class only Silverjet airline were so confident the Springboks would win, that they offered free flights to anyone who bought a flight from London to New York or London to Dubai in the 36 hours before the match.

International flight news

BA cheapest from London to Paris

BA & easyJet have a see-sawing battle for flight surpremacy from London to Paris (where supremacy is measured by who is offering the cheapest flights), and this week BA is cheapest flight from London to Paris.

Echoes of ACSA increasing their fees in South Africa

A Life in Full Flight
"There is something incongruous in the Tourism Minister's speech of Monday evening last in which he warned the tourist industry here 'not to get too greedy and price itself out of the market'. Yet while he is warning the industry, the Government-owned monopoly Aer Rianta is planning to significantly increase charges to airlines at Dublin next year by doing away with existing rebates and discounts." Quote by Michael O'Leary in the book by Alan Ruddock, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


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