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16 November 2007 flights
surveyed on 20 Oct 2007

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula airline

Mango airline



R 445

R 1112

R 611

R 615

R 426

R 526

Nationwide airlineIf I ever had to place a bet on which is the cheapest airline I'd have to go with Nationwide - they so consistently come out with the lowest flight prices. We surveyed flights from Durban to Johannesburg, leaving between 1729 and 2031 on the 16th November, and Nationwide at R426 was the cheapest.


SAA consistently cheaper than Mango airline!

Just like last week (when we compared flights from Cape Town to Durban), South African Airways have been cheaper than Mango airline. In fact, if we look at the last five times that we've surveyed the Durban to Johannesburg flight route, SAA have been cheaper than Mango airline in 3 out of them:

Survey date

Flight route

Mango airline


20 Oct 2007

Durban to Johannesburg flights

R 615

R 526

8 Sep 2007

Durban to Johannesburg flights

R 427

R 411

28 Jul 2007

Durban to Johannesburg flights

R 427

R 509

16 Jun 2007

Durban to Johannesburg flights

R 551

R 411

5 May 2007

Durban to Johannesburg flights

R 349

R 806

Angry womanUnhappy hours

Any regular traveller knows that not all flights are lekker ones...

Unhappy trip from Cape Town to New York

Delton Johnson shared the unhappy (other than the Cape Town to Johannesburg leg) details of his trip from Cape Town to New York :

"person on board the plane was sick...wait until someone on board our plane volunteer their qualifications as a medical doctor... took about 45 minutes (to unload sick person's bags)"
"guy on the plane (he looked Nigerian or West African) started ... walking around the plane sitting in different seats…wondering thru Business Class…wearing a plastic bag on his head…FAA officials attempted to remove him from the plane"
"arriving into JFK the fog was as thick as thieves so we had to fly a pattern for 30 minutes"
"I missed my (connecting) flight by 10 to 15 minutes to SFO"

Unhappy hourUnhappy with Emirates

It seems that not all Emirates flights are as uneventful as the one I took from Johannesburg to New York (via Dubai). Jawad writes about his Emirates flight from Johannesburg to London via Dubai he got to London safely but his luggage went on a walkabout:

"the lady (an Emirates staff member at London Heathrow) informed me that they were expecting a further 2 Emirates flights to arrive from Dubai before I departed to Dublin the following morning"

"I'm very surprised that an airline (Emirates) that has received over 300 international awards of excellence, a professional global company, doesn't have a personalised greeting. I'm not sure how many times I was welcomed by "the BT message minder or 02088973063 " and more times than not being told that the mailbox box was full and was unable to take any more messages."

"Out of all those international calls I reached a human voice only once, a fairly unhelpful voice it has to be said. I politely expressed my concern at being unable to talk to anyone about my problem but I was simply told that there was no point in getting frustrated or calling again because I would be contacted when my bag had been found. I was not given any indication of time or what to do in the event that I would not be contacted."

Cape Town travelling news from the web

A farm near Cape Town"technicolor...racist" Cape Town

Cape Town gets good press and bad press from tourists - in this blog, Tai shares the adventure she had in her Avis car rented at Cape Town Airport, loads of photos and her thoughts about Cape Town:

"If Jo’burg is night, Cape Town is a technicolor sunny day"
"There is so much to admire about the city"
"There are threads of racism woven into the fabric of the society there"

UCT Jamison stepsGoogle Earth's flight simulator

Marco Gallota is a University of Cape Town student known in certain circles for having discovered that Google Earth has a secret flight simulator hidden in that.

And while we're speaking about UCT students

A stunning photo-blog entry by "bernthewitch". She caught a cheap flight to Cape Town with Nationwide airlines (including photos of her ticket to prove it!), snapped a clickie of a Mango Airlines plane at the crack of dawn and proceeded to snap photos of all sorts of conventional and unconventional things in Cape Town.

International flight news

Ryanair flights double differenceRyanair's double the difference

If you can find a Ryanair flight which is more expensive than a competitor flight, they'll refund you double the difference until the end of the that's a deal I'd like to see an airline in South Africa go with.

easyJetThey pee on the wall near us

"Their behaviour is incredible. I don't know if they behave like that at home. Maybe they see us as sort of second-hand, cheap country and think we don't deserve any better because they have money. It seems as if they think they can do whatever they want. They pee on the wall near us or are sick outside and then I have to clean it up. It happens twice a month or even more. For us, it's quite hard to understand," says the manager of Café Anglais on Tallinn's town hall square (Tallinn is the capital of Estonia), as described in Lois Jones' book about easyJet flights: "easyJet: The story of Britain's biggest low-cost airline".

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