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SouthAfrica.TO survey
7 September 2007 flights
surveyed on 11 Aug 2007

Comparison of flight prices from Durban to Cape Town

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









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Flights prices from Durban to Cape Town have skyrocketed

Today's average flight price from Durban to Cape Town of R789, is the highest we have recorded for this route this year. In May 2007 we recorded an average flight price of R727 and in June 2007 we recorded an average flight price of R651 (all one-way flights). Although on the return flight from Cape Town to Durban we have recorded a higher average price of R1098 at the start of June 2007.

As usual Nationwide Airline are cheapest

Once again Nationwide are offering the cheapest flight from Durban to Cape Town. Nationwide Airline are charging R630 for flight 606 leaving Durban at 1400 and arriving in Cape Town at 1610. This is the third SouthAfrica.TO survey in a row for which Nationwide Airlines have offered the cheapest flight (two weeks ago they quoted R315 for a flight from Durban to Johannesburg, and last week they quoted R511 for a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg). Nationwide have also quoted the cheapest flight price from Durban to Cape Town in 2 out of the 3 surveys we've conducted of this route in 2007 - their website wasn't working for the 30th June flights survey of flights from Durban to Cape Town and Mango Airlines came in cheapest). If you're flying from Durban to Cape Town you'd be silly not to check Nationwide Airline's prices.

Flight prices from London to Cape Town

We surveyed prices of flights from London to Cape Town and KLM and Air France offered the cheapest flights. The KLM flight from London left on the 13th Nov and returned from Johannesburg on the 11th December.


Air France

British Airways


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines





Virgin Atlantic

7 Aug 2007










SouthAfrica.TO's website comment of the week

The website comment of the week was written by "George flights!!!", on our 1Time Airline site - "Check out 1time's phenomenal growth on the JNB-GRJ route, starting with announced 2 weekly flights, increasing to 4 even before starting, increasing to 6 only four months later (effective 08/08) and already announced to increase to 9 weekly as of 28 October (only 7 months later)! I flew them on Friday 03/08 GRJ-JNB and back this morning 07/08 with Kulula, and will definitely stick to 1Time from now on, much better!" [We'd like to echo these comments, we have also only had good experiences with 1Time - keep up the good work!]

Travel blog of the week

Mr. Xolile Nxu who was about to board his flight from Johannesburg to Tel Aviv, was “detained, interrogated and strip searched by Israeli security” in Johannesburg Airport. "I was taken to a small room and subjected to a long and abusive interview, during which I was forced to take off my belt and pants", said Nxu.

Mr Nxu, the vice-president of SAMWU (the South African Municipal Workers' Union), was on his way to attending the Second Annual Conference on Popular Non-Violent Resistance held in the West Bank village of Bil’in, where he about South Africans' resistance to apartheid.

The blog posting of Kabobfest which highlighted Mr Nxu's plight is our travel blog of the week.

Looking for CN Swart

A reader of ours, Kenneth Notley, is looking for a friend of his, "CN Swart", who left a comment on our Johannesburg to George flights page. Kenneth went to school with "CN Swart" in George and subsequently lost contact with him. Kenneth is now living in New Zealand and would like to contact CN Swart. If any readers know CN Swart, please email us at

The lesson that keeps getting learned

A recurring theme in the South African aviation landscape is the ignoramus who, thinking he's being very funny, jokes about having a bomb in his luggage. The latest zero is Mr Theo Fischer from Tshwane who last week appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate's court. Fischer "allegedly told security personnel who were searching his luggage that he had a bomb and was going to blow up a small aircraft”, after which he was arrested under the civil Aviation Act.

Want to work from home as a travel agent?

We love working in the travel industry and you might too! If you're looking to become a home based travel agent, then this book might be for you - the aptly name "Home Based Travel Agent".

JohannesburgNew SouthAfrica.TO routes

We are now covering flights from Johannesburg to Maputo (restricted choices though - only LAM and SAA operate flights on this route), and also of course the return flights from Maputo to Johannesburg.

India to South Africa

India's largest private carrier, Jet Airways, said that it's planning to start operating flights from Delhi to Johannesburg by summertime. "We would soon start our services to Johannesburg in October", Saroj Datta (Jet Airways executive director ) told a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday. Jet Airways is another rapidly expanding airline (last year it ordered ten Boeing B787 aircraft for delivery in 2011).

News from the rest of the Globe

easyJet flights have just got a little bit more expensive. Easyjet Airline are now charging extra for checked-in luggage, claiming that this will discourage people from taking extra baggage and thereby reducing the weight of the aircraft - which is good for the environment, as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions (of course it doesn't hurt easyJet that they will be raking in extra millions).

BangkokNew routes covered by

We are constantly seeking to expand our coverage of routes, to enable our readers to more easily locate the cheapest flights. We've pretty much got all the internal South African routes covered and most of our effort is expended on expanding our coverage of UK flights. We're now covering flights from London to Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), and while we're up north at Scotland we also thought we'd start covering flights from London to Sumburgh (Shetland Islands, UK - north sea oil territory), flights from Birmingham to Aberdeen and flights from London to Aberdeen. We also crossed the channel and looked at flights from Glasgow to Paris (France), flights from Birmingham to Bangkok (Thailand) and flights from Glasgow to Bangkok.

Flight prices

British Airways is offering the cheapest flight from London to New York, and easyJet are offering the cheapest flight from London to Paris (which makes planes cheaper than busses and ferries again).


Sleeping in economyFly & lie may just fly!

When flying long-haul a little extra leg-room can easily cost you an arm and a leg. Many of those in the nothing-short-of-miserable cattle class resort to popping pills to get to sleep. Now Lufthansa, a German carrier, is floating a radical idea to allow one to be able to stretch out on the cheap. Lufthansa is considering the concept of an all-sleeping economy class configuration, for overnight flights such as those to Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Shanghai. The "sleepers class", which looks like the quarters of a naval ship, would consist of lie flat bunks stacked 3 high. At take-off and landing, for saftey reasons, the beds would be regular seats, "converting" into bunk-beds after takeoff.





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