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13 July 2007 flights
surveyed on 16 June 2007

Comparison of flight prices from Durban to Johannesburg

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









1time airline

1time & Kulula tie with the cheapest flight...again!

We examined flights from Durban to Johannesburg leaving on the 13th July 2007 between 1729 and 2031, and 1time and Kulula both offered an equally cheap flight at R329. Clearly these airlines keep on eye on each other! The 1time Johannesburg flight was flight number 1T226 leaving Durban at 1950 and arriving in Johannesburg at 2100; whilst the flight was flight number MN6212 leaving Durban at 2000 and arriving in Johannesburg at 2110.

Joe JacsonWhat is just as curious is that in the last (5 May) Cheap Flights Survey of flights between Durban and Johannesburg, 1time and Kulula were the joint cheapest then as well. And even more fantastically, both 1time and Kulula charged the same prices on that date as they do today - R329!!! As Joe Jackson would say, "If my eyes don't deceive me, there's something going on around here".

SAA cheaper than Mango Airlines

One expects South African Airways, as a full service carrier, to be more expensive than Mango Airlines. Yet SAA, charging R411, is a full R140 cheaper than Mango Airlines.

Fatal airline events

We recently published an article about how Africa is an aircraft graveyard. On the other side of the coin there are some African airlines which have not had a fatal accident (stats from Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles, Air Tanzania, African Star, AMC Airlines, Intensive Air, Inter Air, Kalahari Express,, Nationwide Airlines, South African Express & Tunisair (not listed at, but also with no fatal accidents are Mango Airlines & 1time airline).

South African Airways had the famed red mercury explosion on board a 747 on the 28th October 1987, which crashed into the sea between Taiwan and South Africa (which is also SAA's only fatal accident in the 1.6 million flights flown between 1970 and 2000). Air Zimbabwe, by contrast, has had 2 fatal accidents in 0.16 million flights over the same period in its previous incarnation as Air Rhodesia - both were acts of war:

  • On the 3rd September 1978, an Air Rhodesia flight from Kariba to Salisbury was hit by a missile fired by fighters from the Zimbabwe Peoples Revolution Army. The plane crash landed some 30 km from the Kariba airport, killing the 4 crew members and 34 of the 52 passengers. Ten of the passengers who survived the crash were killed by those who shot down the plane.

  • On the 12th February 1979, an Air Rhodesia flight from Kariba to Salisbury was hit by two missiles, killing the 4 crew members and 54 passengers.

Lemon of the week : Sweet and sour for Mango Airlineslemon-of-the-weeki

This comment by Christiaan on our Mango Airlines site: "I had a good flight and good booking with Mango. The associated Tempest Car Hire was not as nice. The Taz advertised was a Chico Golf which was basically unroadworthy! The other problem was that you assume you are going to get the special price hotel accomodation only to find out once you already booked with Mango that it is not available at that rate. If you could find this our before you book your flight it would have been a much more honourable experience! Shape up the whole package and then you will get my constant support!"

Mango Trumps Kulula

What a pleasure getting onto a taxpayer subsidised cheap Mango flight. had a special on, but the Mango flights were cheaper than Kulula.

New routes covered by SouthAfrica.TO

We are constantly seeking to expand our routes covered, so that our readers can easily see which airlines are flying on routes to, from or within South Africa. New routes now being covered are:

British Airways increases fuel surcharge

From the 13th January, British Airways increased its fuel surcharge on long-haul flights (over 9 hours) to £43. The increased surcharge is as a result of increases in the oil price.


Civair is trying to resurrect its dream of operating flights between London and Cape Town. Let's hope that it doesn't all end in tears this time round (and also that they are better organised than South African airways, who realised that despite full flights over 2006, they were making losses on Cape Town-London flights).

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