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Comparison of flight prices from Durban to Cape Town

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









Nationwide Airlines

Nationwide are cheapest...again

Nationwide Airlines continue to amaze us by offering the cheapest flights. On the morning of the 19th May 2007, we examined flights from Durban to Cape Town leaving on the 15th June 2007 between 1349 and 2146. Nationwide Airlines flight CE628 departing Durban at 1730 was the cheapest, at R600.

Nationwide are on a roll

Nationwide airlines is now officially on a roll - they have offered the cheapest flights in 3 out of the last 4 Cheap Flights Surveys; having had the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Durban in our 28th April 2007 Cheap Flights Survey, the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg in our 12th May 2007 Cheap Flights Survey and now again Nationwide are offering the cheapest flights.

SAA also comes in cheap

In terms of full service flights, South African Airways was cheaper than British Airways, charging an airfare of R611. For only R11 more, I personally would rather fly SAA than Nationwide and clock up the voyager miles and get a free meal on the flight. British Airways, at R651, were only R40 more expensive than SAA - so I may have been tempted to rather fly with them for their better plane architecture and superior meals.

Lemon of the week : Mango Airlines


Last week we wrote about Mango Airline's R1 ticket fiasco. The distress caused by the inability of Mango's website to handle peaks in web traffic is borne out by the following comment by Marie Josee Pelser: "I booked to fly to Cape Town from JHB on 17 May 2007 and return to JHB on 27 May 2007 seeing that the flights were offered at R 1,00 + R 50,00 airport taxes.  When I eventually got thru the consultant told me that I would have to pay R 266 to C.T. but to return it would cost me R 548,00.  I was shocked but having paid for my accommodation which cost more than the flights and my meetings which I could not cancel, it was too late to cancel.  I definitely think I have been taken for a ride. He told me other stuff but what could I do ?  Not very  happy about it at all and that is the last time.  All my flights in future will be booked with another more reliable airline.  Sorry."

Our 1time airline flight

If you're looking for dirt on 1time airline don't read this article! We had a pleasant flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg on 1time airline - our first flight with our baby. The return flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town was also with 1time airline and it was just as good! Read here about our 1time flight to Johannesburg.

1time airline

South African Airways dishes up cold tuna

Last week I wrote about how much I enjoyed my meal on a British Airways flight. So it was interesting for me to read in the Sunday Times about the "substandard meals" on South African Airways flights. “I felt like a bum on the side of the road opening my tin of cold tuna and beans", said one passenger. “If I had known beforehand I would have bought something to take on the aircraft, like we do on low-cost carrier flights.".

Avis car rental endangers lives

After we've flown a lot of us hire cars. This story explains how Avis car rental at Johannesburg airport endangered our baby's life, by incorrectly installing the baby seat in our rental car.

New airline routes and routes stopped

Gulf air stops flights from Bahrain to Johannesburg from 1 July 2007 (it has run into financial difficulties and is stopping a number of routes). From 1 August 2007, Etihad Airline is to begin daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg (previously twice weekly). We've adjusted our information regarding flights from Bloemfontein to George to make it clear that it's SA Airlink that is offering these non-stop flights (some passengers book on the SAA site and then are surprised when they climb onto a turboprop).

Virgin Alantic offers free WI-FI

Want to log onto the internet before your flight at the airport? By the end of 2007 Virgin Atlantic is offering free WI-FI internet connections at its upper class clubhouse at OR Tambo International. This saves you some R60 (the cost of 100mb from the ACSA hotspot). Well done Virgin Atlantic for showing the local full service carriers (Comair's British Airways and South African Airways) the way forward to further affordability.

Zimbabwe refugeeSouth Africa's anal passport requirement

While South Africa's northern borders are as porous as Cape Town's sandy soil, the country's more formal borders at its airports regularly sends bona fide tourists (and their fat wallets) with genuine visas right back home - their problem being that there are no full blank pages in the passport (although there might be plenty of half-blank pages).

I wrote a while back about how South Africa's anally retentive passport requirement has sent visitors to our country home in tears, and it continues to draw bad press. With such an unusual passport requirement you'd think it would be widely advertised to prevent displays of cringing embarassment at OR Tambo International - unfortuanately there is not a mention of it on South African Airways' website. No other country seems to have such a passport rule.

Lemon for SA Airlink


This message which I got when using SA Airlink's site formed a sour taste in my mouth.

"The site has experienced an unexpected error.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused."

Kulula joker faces up to 15 years in jail

Mncedisi Eric Maluleka will probably agree that a good joke is all about timing. Maluleka (32) from Johannesburg) got the timing of his joke seriously wrong - whilst on board a Kulula airlines' aircraft Maluleka joked about hijacking the plane - he is to go on trial in Bellville on the 8th October, and faces a maximum jail term of 15 years. It was reported in the citizen, that "Defence counsel Hugo Rossouw said he would liaise with prosecutors to ensure that the case does in fact start as scheduled, to save Maluleka the wasted cost of an air ticket if the case was for any reason not ready to start." Maluleka is being charged with jeopardising the operation, safety, good order and discipline on the Kulula flight, in accordance with the Aviation Act.

Airplane hijack joke

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