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Inaugural "Cheapest Flight Survey"

flights on 18 May 2007, prices checked on 21 April 2007

A hearty welcome to the inaugural "Cheapest Flight Survey" by SouthAfrica.TO! This site has repeatedly stated that its mission is"a relentless quest to uncover the cheapest flights in South Africa"; and this survey forms an important role in fulfilling this mission.

South African first

Up to now ad-hoc surveys of airline flight prices have been carried out, but this is the first survey in South Africa which aims to regularly compare airline prices in a standardised manner. By continuously comparing prices in this manner, we hope to force South African airliners to take notice and reduce their prices.

Friday night flights

Given that many people travel away for weekend breaks and many businessmen return home on Fridays, it's no surprise that airports are busiest on Friday nights. As the busiest flight night, this survey focusses on uncovering the cheapest flight on a Friday night. Most people don't like flying too early (because they're working during the day) and also don't like flying too late (upsets your sleep routine), so the survey looks to find the cheapest flight between 1844 and 2031. To allow people time to plan their flights, the survey looks at flights in a month's time - in the case of this survey, the flights on the 18th May 2007.

Mango Airline has the cheapest flight

1Time airline

British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









Top of the pops and riding high on the hit parade is Mango Airline, with a price of R499 for a one way flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, leaving OR Tambo International at 1850pm.

British Airways cheapest full service airline

Out of the full service airlines British Airways is the cheapest with a price of R728. The most expensive airline (and also the only one which seems to be running at a loss) is South African Airways (SAA) , which charges you a cool R1007 to fly from Johannesburg to Cape Town.


The flight prices included in this survey include all taxes. Frustratingly, South African Airways are the only airline which don't include airport taxes in their preliminary comparison of flight prices (they include the taxes only when you choose which flight you want to take, and take a step towards booking it. Nationwide are one step worse than South African Airways - they don't even show their prices in the preliminary comparison (no doubt because they are shockingly high for a no-frills airline).

Nationwide & SAA charge different taxes!

What's also weird is that Nationwide & South African Airways charge different levels of taxes. Nationwide charges R353 whereas SAA charges R237.

1time flight special

At the time of running this inaugural survey, 1time airlines were running a special which they had advertised the day before (20 April), of R185 for a 1time flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The author of this article therefore thought that they would be cheapest; however just like when Kulula was running its specials, 1time airline is also not the cheapest at the time of running their special (there were 1time airline tickets available at R185 for flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, but not on the 18th May).

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