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Flights from Durban to Mauritius

Flights from Durban to Mauritius

You want to get on the cheapest flight from Durban to Mauritius. The way to make sure that you get on a cheap flight is by comparing airfares of every airline operating Mauritius flights from Durban.

What can go wrong

The following story showcases why travellers should make ultra sure that they have the correct travel documentation.

"I retired in April 2010. Always dreamt of a holiday with my husband in Mauritius. We took some of our  savings and a holiday was planned from the 2nd of October  2010 to the 9th of October 2010 in Mauritius. My handbag was stolen in June of 2004, which contained also my passport and identity document. I applied for new passport and Identity documents. My handbag was recovered about 2 months later and my passport and identity documents were returned to me. All our documents are kept in a safe at home and the new and old was placed in the safe. When we decided to go on vacation I accidently took the wrong passport as the photos are alike on both documents. We arrived at King Shaka airport at 09h30 on the 2nd  and immediately went to the counters to obtain our boarding tickets and luggage to be taken in  to enable us to still have breakfast, before leaving at 11h45. We were advised by the person assisting us that there was a slight problem and they are attending to it and that we should just wait a few minutes. It took close on 2hours  to come back to us to advise us that they cannot get hold of Home affairs. If only they told us that this passport was cancelled , I would have realised the problem and would have sent for my valid passport. We were then given boarding tickets and my boarding ticket was a manual ticket. We were taken through to  the control area, where my passport was stamped and we were accompanied to the plane where we boarded the plane 1 minute before take off with the assurance that I will not have a problem to get back to SA. If I was called at any stage whilst in Mauritius I would have arranged for my valid passport to be couriered to Mauritius. We had a lovely holiday in Mauritius and on the 9th of October 2010, a Sunday,  when we went to Mauritius airport to obtain boarding tickets, my nightmare started. The official  there would not allow me to board, due to the passport problem. I called my daughter in Durban and she went to Durban Airport with the valid passport but nobody was prepared to assist us. My husband returned to Durban with all our luggage and I was left in a country where I knew nobody with only the clothes I had on. I then went to Summertime counter and they obtained accommodation for me at the Le Saint Georges hotel in Port-Louis for 2 nights to enable me to go to the SA Embassy to obtain emergency passport and rebook flight back to SA on the 12th of October 2011. The cost for the hotel amounted to R1805 and the taxi cost  from the airport to hotel 1500 rupees (R440). Port Louis is closed on a Sunday and  I had to purchase underwear and toiletries in Mauritius for the duration of my stay from the fleamarket. These places do not have all sizes but I had to take what I could get. I sat in the hotel room only in my underwear , covered with a towel to keep my close clean  for my visit to the SA Embassy the Monday morning. Not knowing the place and not speaking the language it was quite an issue to get to the SA Embassy. I arrived there at 07h00 only to see that they open at 11h00 . I immediately received their sympathy after crying my eyes out. I just wanted to get home! They referred my back to the airlines to get a  new booking back to SA , at an additional cost of R459.35 as well as 2 photos for the emergency passport.  Imagine yourself in what state I was. I had to ask around and eventually late afternoon returned to the SA Embassy whom  assisted me with emergency passport at a cost of 620 rupees . This was the second day and I did not eat a thing as I was so upset. With my emergency passport, in my bag, under my arm, I headed back to the hotel. The roads in Port Louis is not even and guess what , the heel of my shoe broke and again I had to look for somebody to repair it  for me, which is done on the roadside, at a very high cost as I could not speak the language.  All sorted I went to my room and arranged for a taxi to take me to the airport at 05h00 on the Tuesday morning.  I just wanted to get a boarding ticket to get back home to South Africa. I boarded the plane and could not wait to land at King Shaka airport to see my husband, children and grandson. I slept for 24h00 to get over the nightmare experience, however will love to visit Mauritius again." Lottie


Only Air Mauritius operates direct flights from Durban to Mauritius, and only on Fridays & Sundays. The flights are in an Airbus A319.


Air Mauritius

Durban to Mauritius (MRU)



Durban to Mauritius (MRU)

1-stop (8 hours)
Johannesburg (JHB)


Durban to Mauritius (MRU)

1 stop (21 hours)
Dubai (DXB)

There are more airlines operating flights from Johannesburg to Mauritius and Cape Town to Mauritius. Check combinations of flights:


5 July 2013. Air Mauritius resumes DUR-MRU flights on Airbus A319 planes on Fridays and Sundays. Flights are scheduled to leave Durban at 12h10 and arrive in Mauritius at 18h00

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