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To book with the cheapest airline from Johannesburg to Mumbai (BOM), use the airfare comparison tool on the left. There are multiple one-stop options with airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Air Seychelles, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and a few others.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options. This makes it one of the more affordable routes to travel on from Johannesburg.

SAA used to offer direct flights on the route, but it was one of the first routes to get cancelled after the airline started experiencing problems.

Booking affordable flights is as simple as that, but if you're still struggling then please contact our travel agents - we're itching to assist you not just with your flight, but also accommodation and car hire.

Airlines Offering One-Stop Flights Between Johannesburg and Mumbai

Dubai (DXB)

Qatar Airways
Doha (DOH)

Abu Dhabi (AUH)

Air Seychelles
Seychelles (SEZ)

Kenya Airways
Nairobi (NBO)

Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong (HKK)

Ethiopian Airlines
Addis Ababa (ADD)

Rwanda Air
Kigali (KGL)

Air Mauritius
Mauritius (MRU)


Latest review

man on bicycle balancing things on his head in MumbaiLast year I found myself on a journey to Mumbai. As I was exiting O R Thambo there was a Huge message on a poster." If you travel alone you travel fast but if you travel together you travel far." So true.  This was one of my many journeys to Mumbai because both my children had decided to study in India.  This time I was with my daughter. Every journey brings to me a new adventure. The more you see of the world the more you begin to appreciate everything.  It somehow makes you DEEP and closer to everything. You begin to see things differently.  My first trips were overwhelming and eye openers.  I felt disgusted with the dirt, the chaos , everything that was not familiar to what I was used to.  I always traveled by car in South Africa and when I had to venture out on foot I somehow resisted, but when my daughter got out, I followed.  I felt the streets as being wobbly because I wasn't used to uneven pavements. On my first day, my focus was on what I was walking on, then as the days went by I began to look at the shops, so different and still to be understood. I looked at them from the outside, not knowing the dynamics of a city so vast and so incredible. I began an epic adventure to discover the differences. To understand everything the way it is and to see the world as it is.  My children were busy so I was left to discover this gigantic city on my own. I called a relative and when visiting I saw there was a festival on the next day.  A very important one on the calendar. It was Ganesh chaturti, The birth day of Lord Ganesha , the one that removes all obstacles.  This was my opportunity to experience it the Indian way (being a 4th generation South AFrican Indian) back home we do it differently. Going with the locals makes your experience unique. I was told to walk bare feet from my home to the temple for the correct worship.  I was apprehensive about that.  I never really walk and then walking barefoot was an extra kind of challenge. So we woke up @ at 3 am -  I was told that the earlier you go the better.  I wasn't prepared for this.  I didn't have the slightest clue what I was in for.   We ventured out into the city.  My cousins were barefeet.  I walked for 5 minutes and then, as I began to notice that everyone walking was barefoot I also removed my shoes and to my surprise those ancient cobbled paths were pleasant to walk on. I felt the coolness of the city at night. It was so vastly different from the day. So calm, so empty, so peaceful and sooooo different from the hustle, heat and people during the day.  What a contrast. Within an hour we reached a queue. I didn't know that this was a seven hour queue.  the longest I ever experienced.  This was the most incredible journey.  There was this complete realisation of slowing down, of acceptance, of whatever it is, for revering other culture, for understanding, it taught me patience, perseverance, it taught me to become a Mumbaite. The queue wound itself round the city, it stretched for kilometres and as it came closer to inner sanctum it snaked up and you saw millions of people before you reached the inside. I must say there was also order and discipline, unbelievable considering the vast number of people.  When I got inside it wasn't even for a minute and it was over.  I couldn't understand it at first. Waiting so long to get inside and it ended so fast. I think going barefeet grounded me to the city and seeing so many people eye to eye connected me to them, somehow. Soon after that experience I began to understand the local language, I began to understand what the people are doing and started seeing the world with a different eye.  Wow!  I realised that all those scruffy looking shops are actually the dynamics of what Mumbai is. I began to understand Mumbai better. I began to understand why people do what they do - in ways it was so different from how South Africans do things. Everything, and I mean everything, is recycled.  There's nothing that you cannot find,  and the interesting thing is whatever you want, that little shop that I first underestimated, will find it for.  If you ask for something that they don't have, there wont be a no for an answer - theres this long waiting time, you notice a runner and then viva it's brought to you.  I went looking for a cartridge. The ink in my printer had dried up.  I had hardly got into the little  shop, when I saw it was just about a meter and half wide but deeper inside.  They could have sold me a new cartridge for RS800  but they told me that they can refill for RS70. That's incredible. There's no such a thing as a stationery shop.  You can't see any then when you ask there's hundred of them tucked  in between what you looked past.  I can't tell you about all my experiences as there's too many, however I did learn one great thing from my travels,  and that's when we don't know or understand anything we hate it, but the minute you try understanding why things are the way they are you will experience and live life with a renewed breath.  Every time I return home I even appreciate the fresh air.  I love even the roads. I love the casual chatting and a simple exchange of daily talk amongst strangers on the tarmac.  I simply love South Africa. I appreciate everything.  I see things that I took for granted and that's what make every travelling adventure so special for me.  It brings me more closer to home. It makes me love my home even better. Home for me is South Africa,  I'm proudly South  African.

Written by Padmini Jeewa,  East London.

Airlines flying from Johannesburg to Mumbai



Johannesburg Airport to Mumbai Airport

1-stop (12 hours)
Dubai (DXB)

Ethiopian Airlines

Johannesburg Airport to Mumbai Airport

1-stop (12 hours)
Addis Ababa (ADD)

Jet Airways quit flying JNB - Mumbai on the 12th June 2012 :(

Kenya Airways

Johannesburg Airport to Mumbai Airport

1-stop (12 hours)
Nairobi (NBO)

South African Airways

Johannesburg Airport to Mumbai Airport

non-stop (10 hours)

Turkish Airlines

Johannesburg Airport to Mumbai Airport

1-stop (29 hours)
Istanbul (IST)

It is some 6950km from Johannesburg to Mumbai.

shortest flight path from Johannesburg to Mumbai

The diagram above illustrates the shortest flight path from Johannesburg to Mumbai, India (ignoring air traffic, wind and restricted flight zones). To fly on the shortest route from Johannesburg to Mumbai, leave Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport (26°08'21"S 28°14'46"E) on an initial heading of 48° north-east and travel 6950km before arriving at Mumbai Airport (19°05'19"N 72°52'05"E).

Other routes

Navigate to our South Africa to India flights page for comprehensive coverage of the flight routes from SA to India.

Fly SAA to Mumbai

SAA flies non-stop direct flights from Johannesburg to Mumbai 6 times a week.

Flying with SAA to Mumbai

  • Outbound flights take a short 9 hours and 35 minutes to reach Mumbai.

  • Flights depart from Johannesburg at 11:00 each day.

  • The even shorter return flight takes 8 hours and 50 minutes to reach Johannesburg.

  • Flights from Mumbai depart every day at 02:05, arriving back at O.R. Tambo International Airport at 07:25 on the same day, in time for passengers to comfortably connect onward onto SAA, SA Express and Airlink domestic and regional connections.

  • SAA operates to Mumbai with the Airbus A330-200 with 36 seats in Business Class and 186 seats in Economy Class.

  • All seats in Business Class are full lie-flat seats.

  • Business Class with window or aisle seats guaranteed.

  • All seats in Business Class are forward facing.

  • Passengers can earn miles with SAA Voyager on all tickets (except Redemption tickets)

  • SAA offers the genuine Proudly South African on-board service.

  • Economy class passengers are allowed 30kg checked baggage

  • Passengers travelling in Business class are allowed 40kg checked baggage


1 July 201

SAA has reduced their flights from Johannesburg to Mumbai from 7 flights a week to 6 flights a week. Because the demand for flights are very low on Tuesdays they decided to cancel the Tuesday flight from the 1st of July 2014.


3 Oct 2012

SAA adds a 7th weekly flight, to make it daily flights from Johannesburg to Mumbai.

21 Aug 2012

South African Airways adds a 6th weekly flights from Johannesburg to Mumbai. "Over the last 3 years, the market between southern Africa and India has grown significantly. South Africa’s entry into the BRICS alliance has also played a role with greater investment between the 2 countries. Our analysis showed that a 6th frequency would benefit the market due to the current gap between demand and supply," said the head of revenue optimisation at South African Airways, Jerome Simelane.

16 Jun 2012

SAA adds a fifth weekly flight from JNB to Mumbai. SAA's country manager for India, Sajid Khan, said that "India presents an important market to South African Airways, and this increase in flight frequency is a step in the right direction to meet market expectations."

12 Jun 2012

Jet Airways quits flying from Johannesburg to Mumbai: "Jet Airways will work closely with its interline partners and ensure affected guests are re-booked on alternate flights for their travel from June 12, in order to minimize inconvenience caused."

“SAA also services this route with direct flights and there seems to have been a bit of a price war between them. This could only have stemmed from underutilised capacity experienced by both airlines. Therefore, the temporary withdrawal of Jet Airways is unlikely to cause a bottleneck on the Mumbai route" said PR executive of Cullinan Outbound, John Ridler.

Oct 2010

Jet Airways reduces its Johannesburg-Mumbai flight frequency from daily to 5 weekly (for the northern hemisphere winter). Previously the carrier planned to reduce to 6 weekly flights from 31 Oct 2010.

14 Apr 2010

Jet Airways commences thrice-weekly flights between Johannesburg & Mumbai, using a new Airbus 330-200 aircraft. This is the airline's first flight route into Africa. Flight 9W 242 departs Mumbai at 02h05, arriving in Johannesburg at 07h35. On the return leg, flight 9W 241 departs Johannesburg at 11h00, arriving in Mumbai at 23h30.

“Jet Airways is delighted to enter Africa with its daily Mumbai-Johannesburg service. South Africa’s reputation as a leading tourist and business destination and the fact that it will play host to the 2010 FIFA World Cup also presents a huge opportunity for Jet Airways. We are confident that our airline will soon emerge as one of the first choice carriers on this popular route given our unparalleled domestic network in India and ever expanding international footprint. South Africa, as indeed the African region is an important market for us and we are confident of capturing and growing the market. Given the strong linkages between India and South Africa, and the large number of people of Indian origin living in and/or working in South Africa, we believe that there is untapped potential and this new route promises to serve the needs of our discerning corporate and leisure flyers", said the CEO of Jet Airways, Mr. Nikos Kardassis.

Time difference between Johannesburg & Mumbai

It is 3.5 hours later in Mumbai (India) than in Johannesburg (South Africa).

South Africa (UAE)

GMT + 2


GMT + 5:30

We suggest setting your watch to Mumbai's time as soon as you board your flight (the earlier you begin acclimitising to the new time zone the better).

Map of Mumbai around Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

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