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shortest flight path from Johannesburg to Libreville, Gabon

Libreville is not blessed with the greatest of hotels (if you find one, let us know!). We suggest trying the Residence Hoteliere du Phare which is situated on the beach in Libreville. Sip on a Régab beer as you watch the sun setting. Make sure you get a room that faces the beach, and go to sleep listening to the sound of the waves breaking.

Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Libreville

Only South African Airways operates direct flights from Johannesburg to Libreville, Gabon. Compare prices with Kenya and Ethiopian Airlines - the 1-stops are sometimes cheaper. To get on the cheapest flight, use the flight bookings tool on the left.

Airlines flying from Johannesburg to Libreville


Ethiopian Airlines

Johannesburg to Libreville (LBV)

1stop 24 hours)
Addis Ababa (ADD)

Kenya Airways

Johannesburg to Libreville (LBV)

2-stops (12 hours)
Nairobi (NBO)
Douala (DLA)


Johannesburg to Libreville (LBV)

non-stop (5 hours)
from 19 Sep 200?

Top Review

A pilot lands in Libreville: "I ran through immigration and baggage collection and into the main arrival area, hoping to see the pilot I'm replacing waiting for me. No-one. I rushed through to Domestic Departures, searching the dark, sweaty faces of the masses milling around, sweat pouring down my own shirt in the very very humid, coastal, tropical heat. "

Libreville from the skies

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