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shortest Johannesburg to Istanbul flight route

The 4 best spots to stay in Istanbul are:

  1. White House Hotel. Located close to The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, the Grand Bazaar and the Topkapi Palace. The view from the roof top restaurant is to die for.

  2. With Istanbul Suites. Five minute walk to the tram station or to Taksim Square. Ask for room 61 on the top floor - when you see the view of Bosphorus and Istanbul you'll think it's worth every cent.

  3. Tomtom Suites. Close to the Taksim Square and the Galata Bridge. The rooftop terrace has views over the city with the Hagia Sofia & Topkapi Palace in the distance. Ask for a room as high aup as possible (better views).

  4. Basileus Hotel. Ten minute (uphill) walk to the Blue Mosque. The rooms at the back and higher up are a bit quieter (it's a busy street). Try the Turkish tea.

Want to travel directly north? A flight from Johannesburg to Istanbul is about as "straight-up" a flight as you get! Turkish Airlines flies direct, use our airline comparison tool to find the cheapest flight.


  • 22 May 2014 : Qatar Airways launches flights from Doha to Sabhiya Cokcen Airport (SAW).

  • 17th Sep 2007 : Turkish Airlines commence a schedule of 3 weekly flights from Johannesburg to Istanbul to Cape Town, the only nonstop flight from Turkey to South Africa.

Top review

Tom flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Istanbul, with Turkish Airlines: "Turkish Airways was recently awarded Europe's best airline award and my flight from Cape Town to Istanbul proved that the award was well deserved. The best seat of the trip, incredible catering and just a great on-board experience for the 11 or so hour flight... I then kept on walking in the 91 degree weather, sweating like a pig, although in this Muslim country I don't know if they use that expression. I saw a few of the familiar sights, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, etc. and then headed down to the edge of the Bosphorus where a bunch of locals were enjoying the sun and diving off the edge of the breakwater into the sea, which was not too clean. I was tempted, but I didn't want to spend the last three days of the trip with a middle eastern infection so I just did some sunbathing which was 99.9% done by men. There were 2 women that I saw on the rocks or on the breakwater... out of about 1,000 men."


Direct flights from Johannesburg to Istanbul

It's only Turkish airlines which operates direct flights to Istanbul from Johannesburg.

Turkish Airlines

Johannesburg to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (IST)

non-stop (10 hours)

As the eagle flies, it is some 7430km from JNB to IST.

1-stop flights from Johannesburg to Istanbul



Johannesburg to Ataturk International Airport (IST)

1-stop (16 hours)
Dubai Airport

Ethiopian Airlines

Johannesburg to Ataturk International Airport (IST)

1-stop (16h45m)
Addis Ababa (ADD)

Etihad Airways

Johannesburg to Ataturk International Airport (IST)

1-stop (20 hours)
Abu Dhabi


Johannesburg to Ataturk International Airport (IST)

1-stop (13h45m)
Cairo Airport (CAI)

Qatar Airways

Johannesburg to Ataturk International Airport (IST)

1-stop (13h40m)
Doha Airport (DOH)

Qatar Airways

Johannesburg to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

Doha Airport (DOH)


Johannesburg to Ataturk International Airport (IST)

1-stop (16h50m)
Frankfurt (FRA)

Bosphorus in Istanbul


This live footage of the planes in Istanbul's skies is brought to you courtesy of

Flight Specials

The longer it is since the date of the special the greater the chance that airfares have changed.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Time differences between Johannesburg & Istanbul

The time difference between Johannesburg (South Africa) and Istanbul (UK) varies from being 1 hour ahead in the South African winter (when the UK has daylight saving) to 2 hours and in the South African summer.

South Africa

GMT + 2


GMT + 2
GMT + 3 late March to late October

Map of Istanbul, UK


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