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flight path from Cape Town to Zanzibar

Cape Town to Zanzibar

Hakuna Matata (Swahili for "don't worry, be happy"). If Cape Town's beaches are too cold for you, try Zanzibar. You want to reserve the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Zanzibar (Tanzania). To make a cheap flight booking from Cape Town to Zanzibar:

  • type your date of departure and date of return into the flight price comparison and reservation tool and see what airfare it spits out

  • go to the flight reservation website of each airline operating flights from Cape Town to Zanzibar (websites of airlines flying from Cape Town to Zanzibar listed below)

  • Making a booking with the cheapest airline

Airlines flying from Cape Town to Zanzibar

There are unfortunately no direct flights from Cape Town to Zanzibar.



Cape Town (CPT) to
Zanzibar (ZNZ)


Another option is to fly from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, and then take a ferry across to Zanzibar.

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