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Cape Town to Buenos Aires

Flights from Cape Town to Buenos Aires

There are only awful options flying from CPT to BA, out of which Emirates via Dubai is least awful. To get on the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Buenos Aires (Argentina), use the flight bookings tool on the left.


  • 6 Feb 2014 : Anthony shared a little piece of history with us : "You report SAA's decision to knock its Jo'burg-BA service (on the go since April 2009) on the head. I recall flying SAA Boeing 707 from Cape Town to BA in 1977. The aircraft wasn't very full, and it flew throttled-back at I suppose about 400 knots (the uphill walk towards the flight deck was quite steep) in order to make the 6889-km/4281-mile crossing on a tankful."




Cape Town to Buenos Aires

Dubai Airport

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