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Flights from South Africa to Pakistan

Cheap Flights to Pakistan

There are no direct flights from South Africa to Pakistan. You can fly 1-stop to Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore or Peshawar. To book a cheap flight to Pakistan:

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From Johannesburg
From Cape Town
From Durban
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5 Nov 2013 : Emirates commences 4 weekly flights to Sialkot in an Airbus A330-200; creating 1-stops from Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban via Dubai.

Johannesburg to Pakistan

Fly 1-stop from Johannesburg to Islamabad (ISB) with Etihad (via Abu Dhabi), Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Fly 1-stop from Johannesburg to Karachi (KHI) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates (via Dubai), Qatar Airways (via Doha) or Thai Airways (via Bangkok).

Fly 1-stop from Johannesburg to Lahore (LHE) with Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Fly 1-stop from Johannesburg to Peshawar (PEW) with Etihad (via Abu Dhabi), Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Cape Town to Pakistan

Fly 1-stop from Cape Town to Islamabad (ISB) with Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Fly 1-stop from Cape Town to Karachi (KHI) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Fly 1-stop from Cape Town to Lahore (LHE) with Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Fly 1-stop from Cape Town to Peshawar (PEW) with Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Durban to Pakistan

Fly 1-stop from Durban to Islamabad (ISB) with Emirates (via Dubai).

Fly 1-stop from Durban to Karachi (KHI) with Emirates (via Dubai).

Fly 1-stop from Durban to Lahore (LHE) with Emirates (via Dubai).

Fly 1-stop from Durban to Peshawar (PEW) with Emirates (via Dubai).

Visa Requirements

At the time of writing, visa requirements for South African citizens to enter Pakistan included:

  • Two application forms for tourists (business visitors must complete three)

  • Two recent colour photos for tourists (three for business visitors)

  • Three months worth of original bank statements

  • Application fee

  • Letter from employer that includes the applicant’s full name and passport details, position, dates of employment, and leave dates granted (business visitors only)

  • Invitation letter from Pakistani company that includes purpose of travel and address/contact details (business visitors only). The signee must submit a signed copy of their ID, passport, or residence permit.

  • Letter from South African company outlining business to be conducted in Pakistan. A list of companies to be visited must be included.

  • Passport should be valid for at least six months after return date

  • Submit your application via courier to the Pakistan High Commission

For the latest up to date requirements, contact theHigh Commission of Pakistan at 012-3624072/3 or Their physical address in South Africa is 312 Brooks Street, Menlopark, Pretoria.

South African High Commission in Pakistan

Keep these contact details handy in case you lose your passport, or something happens in Pakistan requiring embassy assistance (the embassy is the safest place to go to if you feel your life is endangered):


The currency used in Pakistan is the Rupee.


Urdu and English are the national languages, however the use of English is limited to government and business.


Places of interest in Pakistan include:

  • The Karakoram Highway takes you on a winding path through green hills from Islamabad to western China. Adventure lovers will be drawn to this route, which used to be part of the Silk Road. Tall peaks and glaciers crowd the highway offering endless trekking opportunities that are just as challenging as they are awe-inspiring.

  • Lahore is a dizzying mix of ancient history, vibrant culture, and art. Mughal monuments sit cheek-to-cheek with British Raj architecture. A trip into the Old City and the city’s tranquil gardens is a must. Spiritual nourishment is also guaranteed in Lahore—it’s well-known for its powerful Islamic devotional singing and mysticism.

  • Quetta’s isolation (it’s surrounded by mountains and desert) makes it a unique stop in Pakistan. Indeed, it bears more resemblance to neighboring Afghanistan than the rest of the country and its inhabitants are a fascinating mix of ethnicities. It also boasts cooler temperates. Be sure to stop into the famous bazaars full of colourful handicrafts such as embroidered coats, Afghan rugs, fur coats, and sandals. The turquoise waters of Hanna Lake nearby are also a popular spot for vacationers.

  • Karachi offers a chance to see the cosmopolitan side of Pakistan. The city is an intoxicating and diverse mix of cultures and religions. Christian, Zoroastrianism, and Hindu communities sit side-by-side with ethnic Sindhis, Punjabis, and Pashtuns. The mix of architecture is equally stunning and when you need to relax, numerous beaches are nearby. Civil violence is still a problem, so do your research before you travel.

When to Travel to Pakistan

The climate varies wildly in Pakistan, however October to February is generally cool, March to June is hot, and July to September is the wet/monsoon season. Trekking is best done between late April and late October (mid-June and mid-September is the most ideal time). Daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary greatly at all times of the year.

Pakistan's public holidays

You may either want to time your visit to Pakistan to coincide with a public holiday and join in the fun, or avoid the date so as to avoid additional travel costs (and possible crowds):

  • 1 January

  • 5 February (Kashmir Solidarity Day)

  • 23 March (Pakistan Day)

  • 1 May (Labour Day)

  • 11 August (National Minorities Day)

  • 14 August (Independence Day)

  • 6 September (Defence Day)

  • 11 September (Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam)

  • 9 November (Iqbal Day)

  • 25 December (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam)

Floating Public Holidays:

  • Islamic New Year

  • Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

  • Eid al-Fitr

  • Eid al-Adha

  • Ramadan

  • Ashura

  • Shab-e-Miraj

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