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Direct flights from South Africa to Nepal are not available however there are options for 1-stop flights to Kathmandu via Dubai. To book a cheap flight to Nepal:

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From Johannesburg
From Cape Town
From Durban
Visa Requirements
When to Go

Johannesburg to Nepal

You can fly from Johannesburg to Kathmandu (KTM) with Turkish airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates/FlyDubai (via Dubai), Qatar Airways (via Doha), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong) Singapore Airlines (via Singapore) or Thai Airways (via Bangkok). There are also 2-stop flights which are sometimes cheaper, like with Etihad/Jet Airways (via Abu Dhabi & Delhi).

Cape Town to Nepal

You can fly from Cape Town to Kathmandu (KTM) with Emirates/FlyDubai (via Dubai), Turkish Airlines or Qatar Airways (via Doha),

Durban to Nepal

You can fly from Durban to Kathmandu (KTM) with Emirates/FlyDubai (via Dubai).

Visa Requirements

At the time of writing, South African citizens require a visa to enter Nepal, which is issued upon arrival.
For the latest requirements, contact the Embassy of Nepal at 012-342-7546 or Their physical address in South Africa is at 976 Francis Baard Street, Arcadia, Pretoria. Note that the embassy is closed on Nepal's public holidays.

South African Consulate in Nepal

Keep these contact details handy in case you lose your passport, or something happens in Nepal requiring embassy assistance. At this time there is no consulate in Nepal; contact the High Commission in Colombo, Sri Lanka for assistance.

  • Physical address: 114 Rosmead Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

  • Email :

  • Phone number : + 94-11-246-3000


Nepali is the official language of Nepal. English is widely spoken in the tourism industry and by government officials and police.


The currency used in Nepal is the Nepali Rupee.


The biggest attraction in Nepal is the trail hiking in the Himalayas. Places of interest in Nepal include:

  • Pokhara is one of the most popular destinations due to its snow-capped mountains, calm lake, and festive tourist-thronged town. It’s also a great place to set out on treks in the Himalayas or to jet off on jungle safaris and river rafting. Museums, caves, and nearby Tibetan villages round out the experience.

  • Annapurna Circuit is the place for Nepal’s most revered hike via the Apple Pie Trail. The 128-mile route hugs the Annapurna range and takes you through jungle, canyons, and dizzying Himalayan peaks that include four of the world’s 10 highest summits.

  • Tansen is a medieval town that sits high in the hills. The crowds of tourists thin here so you can spend hours or days exploring the town in peace. Dramatic viewpoints, ancient temples, and nearby traditional villages are just some of the attractions.

  • Lumbini is primarily known as the birthplace of the Buddha. This important religious site offers a variety of monasteries, temples, and ruins to visit. This peaceful place is perfect for relaxed contemplation and walks in the landscaped gardens.

When to Travel to Nepal

September to November and March to May are the best times to visit Nepal—this is the dry season and the countryside is typically green, the air fresh, and the views spectacular. Also, the weather then is reasonably warm.

Public holidays in Nepal
  • 29 January (Martyrs' Day)

  • 18 February (Democracy Day)

  • 24 April (Democracy Day)

  • 1 May

  • 29 May (republic day)

  • 25 December

Floating dates:

  • Tamang New Year

  • Gyalpyo

  • Maaha Shivaratri

  • Nepali New Year

  • Ramnawami

  • Mahabir Jayanti

  • Bhudda Day

  • Id-ul-Fire

  • Janai Purnima

  • Shree Krishna Janmasthami

  • Ghatasthapana

  • Dashain Festival

  • Tihar Festival

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