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Travel tips :

  • If somebody buys you a drink you're expected to buy them one back later.

  • Nobody cares if your great grandfather's aunt was from Ireland - it doesn't make you Irish!

  • If Irish people you're with start speaking Irish, it means they're probably talking about you.

  • Trains & buses don't reliably travel on time.

Flights from South Africa to Ireland

Cheap Flights to Ireland

There are no direct flights from South Africa to Ireland. The most popular airport to fly to is Dublin, but there are also flight options to Cork, Shannon, Donegal and Knock. To make flight reservations to Ireland:

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Visa Requirements
When to Go

Holiday in Ireland - Temple Bar, golf & St. Paddy's Day

25 Nov 2013. My best holiday was my trip to Ireland in 2012. I left from Cape Town and had a stop over in Frankfurt. Even though I arrived in Frankurt at 6 in the morning I still had to have a bit of the German tradition of Eisbein and a large beer. After my wholesome breakfast it was time to board the plane and continue my journey to the Republic of Ireland. I arrived in Ireland early afternoon. From there all the fun started. I went to Temple Bar on my first evening and had an awesome time. I played golf every second day, still one of my favourite golf courses is Deer Park in Houth. I went touring the Guinness Brewery and Trinity College, took a bus ride through Dublin and just enjoyed the locals, great bunch of people. I was lucky enough to be in Dublin for St. Paddy's day. Man, those Irish can party. After St. Paddy's day I travelled to Galway to spend some time in the farming community, most special people I met there. All in all it was a great experience and can't wait to go back again. Regards, Alan.

Johannesburg to Ireland

  • To fly 1-stop flight from Johannesburg to Dublin (DUB) you can use Etihad Airways (via Abu Dhabi), Emirates (via Dubai), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), SAA/Aer Lingus (via London), British Airways/Aer Lingus (via Heathrow), Lufthansa (via Frankfurt), KLM (via Amsterdam), Air France (via Paris De Gaulle), Swiss (via Zurich) or Virgin Atlantic/Aer Lingus (via London).

  • To fly from Johannesburg to Cork (ORK) you can book with Ethiopian Airlines/Aer Lingus (via Addis Ababa & London), Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & London), EgyptAir/Aer Lingus (via Cairo & Heathrow), British Airways/Aer Lingus (via London Heathrow), KLM (via Amsterdam), Virgin Atlantic/Aer Lingus (via London), Kenya Airways/Aer Lingus (via Nairobi & Paris) or Air France (via Paris De Gaulle).

  • From Johannesburg to Shannon (SNN) you can fly Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & London), Etihad codeshare (via Abu Dhabi & Manchester), SAA/Aer Lingus (via Heathrow), BA/Aer Lingus (via London), Virgin/Aer Lingus (via London) or Egypt Air/Aer Lingus ( via Cairo & Heathrow).

  • To book a cheap flight from Johannesburg to Donegal (CFN) you can compare Emirates/FlyBe (via Dubai & Glasgow), Virgin Atlantic/Aer Lingus/Flybe (via Heathrow & Dublin), Swiss/FlyBe (via Zurich & Dublin), United Airlines (via New York & Glasgow) and Lufthansa/Aer Lingus/FlyBe (via Frankfurt & Dublin).

  • If you want a flight from Johannesburg to Knock (NOC) you can use Ethiopian Airlines/Aer Lingus (via Addis Ababa & Heathrow), EgyptAir/Aer Lingus (via Cairo & Heathrow), British Airways/Aer Lingus (via Heathrow), Kenya Airways/BA/Aer Lingus (via Nairobi & Heathrow) or Arik Air/Aer Lingus (Lagos & Heathrow).

Cape Town to Ireland

  • You can take a flight from Cape Town to Dublin (DUB) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), British Airways/Aer Lingus (via Heathrow), Emirates (via Dubai), KLM (via Amsterdam) or Air France (via Paris, seasonal).

  • To fly from Cape Town to Cork (ORK) you can book BA/Aer Lingus (via London) Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & Birmingham) or KLM/Aer Lingus (via Amsterdam).

  • From Cape Town to Shannon (SNN) you can fly Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & Birmingham), SAA/Aer Lingus (via Johannesburg & Heathrow) or BA/Aer Lingus (via London).

  • To book the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Donegal (CFN) compare Emirates/FlyBe (via Dubai & Glasgow) with other 2-stop options.

  • If you want a flight from Cape Town to Knock (NOC) you can use Emirates/FlyBe (via Dubai & Manchester), Qatar Airways/Aer Lingus (via Doha & London) or Virgin/Aer Lingus (via London).

Durban to Ireland

  • You can take a flight from Durban to Dublin (DUB) using Emirates (via Dubai), British Airways/Aer Lingus (via Johannesburg & Heathrow), and a number of other 2-stop options.

  • To fly from Durban to Cork (ORK) you can book Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & Birmingham), SAA/Aer Lingus (via Johannesburg & Heathrow), and a number of other 2-stop options.

  • From Durban to Shannon (SNN) you can fly Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & Manchester), British Airways/Aer Lingus (via Johannesburg & Heathrow) or a number of other 2-stop options.

  • To fly from Durban to Donegal (CFN) you can use Emirates/FlyBe (via Dubai & Glasgow).

  • If you want a flight from Durban to Knock (NOC) compare SAA/Virgin/Aer Lingus (via Johannesburg & Heathrow) and Emirates/Aer Lingus (via Dubai & London), and a number of other 2-stop options.

Visa Requirements

South African passport holders can travel in the Republic of Ireland for up to 3 months without a visa. However, if you plan to travel to Northern Ireland you will need a visa. For more information visit the Embassy of Ireland offices at 570 Fehrsen Street, 2nd Floor, Parkdev Building, Brooklyn, Pretoria or contact them at 012-452-1000. In Cape Town you can contact the embassy at 1 Thibault Square, 19th Floor LG Building or phone 021-419-0636. Note that the embassy and offices are closed on Irish public holidays.

South African Consulate in Ireland

Should you need consular assistance while in Ireland contact the Embassy of South Africa at:

  • Physical address: Alexandra House, 2nd Floor, Earlsfort Center, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin

  • Phone: + 353-1-661-5553


The national and official language in Ireland is Irish; but English is the most spoken language, with a difference: 

  • Blasphemy is illegal in Ireland.

  • The Irish are sometimes accused of unnecessary profanity - don't be alarmed :)

  • You may hear the word gobshite - this is used to refer to a loudmouth who engages in nonsensical conversation.


The currency used in Ireland is the Euro.


The official language in Ireland is Ireland.  English proficiency in Ireland is low; therefore, it might help to get an Irelandn phrase book.


The Irish are known for their dramatic traditional weddings and fun-filled pub and grills; but this is not all there is in Ireland:

  • If you love adventure that is sizzled with horror take a ride in Dublin's Ghost Bus. This bus will take you around the scariest sights and there is a storyteller onboard reiterating horrifying tales of Dracula, Dr. Clossy and Walking Gallows. The Ghost Bus tour is mainly in the night-time but sometimes starts in the day time and takes 2hours, 15 minutes approximately. 

  •  The faint-hearted can visit the petting zoo of Dublin Zoo to fondle goats, ponies, sheep and donkeys, while the stout-hearted pay the Nile crocodiles a visit or watch the poisonous snakes and other eerie reptiles in the zoo’s Reptile House.

  • While in Cork you may check out the cliffs of Mizen Head that rises 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and have a pleasurable view of the marine-life and coastline.  From the Mizen Head you can take a turn to the Barleycove Beach.  The beach has large sandy side and therefore suitable for leisure walks.

  • If you are interested in aviation you can visit the Atlantic Airventure, a Game and Entertainment Centre situated at Shannon. You can book a flight simulation to get a taste of what it feels like to be a commander of a Jet Airliner or play other aviation games.  The Cliffs of Moher is also Shannon’s most admired work of nature. These cliffs are 702 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and stretch 5 miles into the ocean. Cliffs of Moher offer an unobstructed landscape view of Aran Islands, The twelve Pins, Galway Bay and Maum Turk Mountains.

  • The Forge is known as the centre of Donegal’s night life.  It has an open fire, acoustic sections, live music and an atmospheric upstairs “living room”. Alternatively, the owners of the Reel Inn are famous for friendliness and kindness towards tourists.  Most evenings the Reel Inn welcome guest artists; otherwise, the owners feed their customers with their own musical talents.

  • Knock is known for its many pilgrimages, the famous one being Knock Shrine.  The shrine was created after people claimed to have seen ghostlike figures of Jesus (the Lamb of God), Virgin Mary, St John and St Joseph on location in 1879.  The place is also touted as the international place of prayer. Check it out if you think gods can answer prayers.

When to Go

Ireland has cold winters (with the inland being colder), warmer summers and is moist all year-round.  If you are planning a trip to Ireland consider the fact that it experiences a large number of tourists in summer; therefore hotel, restaurants and car rental prices in this season are usually high. In winter prices are low, but some tourist attractions may not be open to the public. Early Spring and Late Autumn are generally good times to go (e.g. May and September) as prices are more reasonable and the weather isn't too bad.

Public holidays in Ireland

You may want to avoid the additional cost of travelling around public holidays (or try to time your travel to join in the festivities):

  • 1 January

  • 17 March (Saint Patrick's Day)

  • First Monday in May (May day)

  • First Monday in June (June holiday)

  • First Monday in August (August holiday)

  • Last Monday in October (October holiday)

  • 25 December

  • 26 December

Floating dates:

  • Easter Monday

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