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Flights from South Africa to Indonesia

Cheap Flights to Indonesia

There are no direct flights from South Africa to Indonesia; however, you can fly on 1-stop or 2-stop flights to Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Medan, and Denpasar airports. To book the cheapest flight to Indonesia compare airline prices using the flight price comparison tool on the left and select the cheapest airfare which complements your travelling plans.

From Johannesburg
From Cape Town
From Durban
Visa Requirements
When to Go

Cycling around Indonesia

4 August 2013. After living in South Korea for three years, I shipped all my belongings back to South Africa and sold the rest. I had the trip of a lifetime ahead of me – just me, a bicycle and the open unplanned road of Indonesia. Adventures waited in anticipation; with random strangers, Indonesian food and sore muscles. I left South Korea with millions of memories and sunk deep into the seat of the Air Asia aircraft, face to the window, silently weeping goodbye to the land of the morning calm. Air Asia, the budget airline of the Orient, is a gift from the heavens to anyone who is on a budget - inexpensive, safe, on time and professional. I spent two months in Indonesia, cycling from one town to another in Bali, hopping on long ferry rides to reach Lombok and the popular Gili Islands while enduring the tropical climate.

sea in Indonesia

I stood in awe of volcanoes, walked on black sand beaches and got chased by monkeys. I slept in questionable beds, climbed into rocky boats and trusted strangers with my passport. The people on the road became friends, goat meat skewers became a favourite and a no-plan-vacation turned into a no-plan-budget-bicycle-tour of a lifetime.

farmlands in Indonesia

There is nothing quite like it – the freedom, the unknown, the challenges and the road, not knowing where you may end up or what the next day will bring…but unfortunately, with an expired visa, it came to an end.

boats in Indonesia


  • On 1 September 2013 Qatar Airways is increasing the frequency of their flights from Doha to Jakarta from 11 to 14 a week, creating more 1-stop flight options from Cape Town and from Johannesburg to Jakarta via Doha.

Johannesburg to Indonesia

  • The cheapest I-stop flights from Johannesburg to Jakarta (CGK) can be booked by comparing Qatar Airways (via Doha), Cathay Pacific Airways (via Hong Kong), Emirates (via Dubai), Etihad Airways (via Abu Dhabi), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore) and Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul).

  • From Johannesburg to Surabaya (SUB) you can fly 1-stop with Cathay Pacific Airways (via Hong Kong) or Singapore Airlines (via Singapore).

  • To fly from Johannesburg to Balikpapan (BPN) you can select from Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), SAA/Egyptair (via Cairo & Singapore), Qantas/JetStar/Silkair (via Perth & Singapore), British Airways/Virgin Atlantic (via Heathrow & Singapore) and Lufthansa (via Frankfurt & Singapore)

  • Flights From Johannesburg to Medan (MES) are with Emirates/Valuair (via Dubai & Singapore), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Cathay Pacific/SilkAir (via Hong Kong & Singapore) or Qantas/Jetstar/SilkAir (via Perth & Singapore).

  • From Johannesburg to Bali Denpasar (DPS) you can fly Etihad/Garuda Indonesia (via Abu Dhabi & Jakarta), Cathay Pacific Airways (via Hong Kong), Qatar Airways (via Doha), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Thai Airways (via Bangkok), SAA/Hong Kong Airlines (via Hong Kong) or KLM (via Amsterdam).

Cape Town to Indonesia

  • Fly from Cape Town to Jakarta (CGK) using Qatar Airways (via Doha), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates (via Dubai) or KLM (via Amsterdam)

  • From Cape Town to Surabaya (SUB) you can fly with SAA/Cathay Pacific (via Johannesburg & Hong Kong), SAA/Singapore Airlines (via JNB & Singapore) or Emirates/SilkAir (via Dubai & Singapore).

  • To fly from Cape Town to Balikpapan (BPN) compare the airfares of SAA/Singapore Airlines (via JNB & Singapore) and BA/Singapore Airlines (via Johannesburg & Singapore).

  • From Cape Town to Medan (MES) you can fly using Emirates/Valuair (via Dubai & Singapore) or SAA/Singapore Airlines (via JNB & Singapore).

  • From Cape Town to Bali Denpasar (DPS) you can fly SAA/Cathay Pacific Airways (via Johannesburg & Hong Kong), Qatar Airways (via Doha), SAA/Singapore Airlines (via JNB & Singapore), KLM (via Amsterdam) or Emirates/Singapore Airlines (via Dubai & Singapore).

Durban to Indonesia

  • The only 1-stop flight from Durban to Jakarta (CGK) is with Emirates (via Dubai).

  • From Durban to Surabaya (SUB) you can fly with SAA/Cathay Pacific (via Johannesburg & Hong Kong) or BA/Cathay Pacific (via JNB & HKG), SAA/Singapore Airlines (via Johannesburg & Singapore).

  • To fly from Durban to Balikpapan (BPN) you can select from SAA/Singapore Airlines/SilkAir or BA/Singapore Airlines/Silkair (both via Johannesburg & Singapore).

  • From Durban to Medan (MES) you can fly using SAA/Singapore Airlines/SilkAir (via Johannesburg & Singapore), BA/Singapore Airlines/SilkAir or Emirates/Valuair (via Dubai & Singapore).

  • Flights from Durban to Bali Denpasar (DPS) include SAA/Cathay Pacific Airways (via Johannesburg & Hong Kong), BA/Cathay Pacific Airways (via Johannesburg & Hong Kong), SAA/Singapore Airlines (via Johannesburg & Singapore) and SAA/KLM (via Johannesburg & Amsterdam).


Indonesian German is the official language of the country.

Visa Requirements

The basic documents needed for all visa types are:

  • Original passport valid for six months from the date of return.  South Africans can receive visa on arrival which allows 30 days stay in the country. A temporary passport with two blank pages is accepted.

  • Proof or residence

  • Flight Information

  • Bank Letter

  • Invitation from Indonesia

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Police Clearance Certificate

  • South African Company Letter (If you are sent to Indonesia by a company)

  • Return or Onward ticket (this is compulsory)

  • Yellow Fever Certificate (this is not mandatory, but do it to protect yourself)

Visa requirements change from time to time. Visit the Embassy of Indonesia to check latest requirement, or contact them on 012-342-3350. Their physical address is 949 Schoeman Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0082. If you are in Cape Town contact Indonesia’s Consulate General at  021-761-7015 or email  Their offices can be found at 124 Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth, 7708.

South African Consulate in Indonesia

Should you need consular services upon arrival in Indonesia, contact the South African Embassy to Indonesia at:

  • Suite 705, 7th Floor, Wisma GKBI, J1 Jend Sudirman No 28, Kav 9-122, 10210, Jakarta

  • Phone: +62-21-2991-2500

  • Email:


The currency used in Indonesia is the rupiah (Rp). 


The official language in Indonesia is Indonesian.  English proficiency in Indonesia is low; therefore, it might help to get an Indonesian phrase book.


Indonesia is known for its naturally beautiful attractions and friendly people.  Its most popular tourist attraction is Raja Ampat in Papua. Here you will see clusters of volcanic rocks covered by green plants, piercing out of the sea.  The place is touted as God’s handiwork. 

If you want to witness the modernity of Jakarta, explore it in the night.  The national monument, Monas, has a gold plated zenith which shines bright in the night.  This spot is also famous for hosting the nation’s arts and cultural festivals.

Surabaya is known as Indonesia’s “City of Heroes”.  It has three military monuments with encrypted names of those who fought and died for Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. If history turns you off, visit JI. Diponegoro-a Surabaya zoo which houses predacious lizards and komodo dragons in addition to the usual zoo species.

If you are hoping to do something you have never done before, visit the Pulau Babi in Balikpapan. Pulau Babi is directly translated “The Island of Boars”.  This island is reachable by boat.  It has unique rocks and crabs.  Apparently, visitors can have an “open-bath” at the rocks near the river. From Balikpapan City you can take a 30km ride to Tritip Crocodile Farm. Here you can eat crocodile meat or have a drink made from crocodile penis which is allegedly, good for men’s health.

If you adore modes nature, you can watch the sun set at Ancol Dreamland Recreation Park in the north of Jakarta.

Bali is famous for its white sand beaches with clear water and arrays of palm trees appropriate for diving and sunbathing. Ubud is the popular beach in Bali with art workshops and architectural sights.  If you want to experience the soul soothing factor of nature, check out the Island of Gods. This island features sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes and mountains. From these beaches you can check out the most idolized mountain, Mount Agung or learn about Bali culture at Purl Lukisan Museum. In Bali, you can see Mount Agung, with a temple located on its slopes. If you are interested in in learning about Bali culture visit the Purl Lukisan Museum.

In Medan you can have a tour to the wild jungles of Sumatra, visit the Grand Mosque of the Palace of the Sultan and view images from the former days of royalty.  Few hours spent at the Museum Negara will leave you knowledgeable about the different traditions of Indonesia.   For some relaxing time you can go to the Lake Toba.  Lake Toba is the largest of lakes in Southeast Asia and it is dry and cool for unwinding and refreshing.

When to Go

Indonesia is completely tropical and its temperatures are fairly constant with averages of 28°C at coastal plains and 26°C in the inland and mountain regions. There is less rain in April, May, June, July, August, September and October.

Public holidays

Some travellers want to avoid public holidays because of the additional costs associated with travelling around those dates, whilst others want to join in the festivities!

  • 1 January

  • 24 January (Birth of the Prophet Mohammed)

  • 12 March (day of silence)

  • 6 June (ascension of the Prophet)

  • 17 August (independence day)

  • 25 December

Floating dates:

  • Chinese New Year

  • Good Friday

  • Ascension day

  • Budha's birthday

  • Day after Ramadan

  • Feast of the sacrifice

  • Islamic New Year

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