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sunbathing on the beach in Bali

Singapore Airlines helps save the day

25 August 2013. Rating for Singapore Airlines 5 : I was on my gap year with my best friend Jordan. We decided to go island hopping in Indonesia and Thailand. (which is highly recommended for gap year students.) We went around all the Islands including an amazing Komodo Island Cruise. After two months in Indonesia we went to Thailand and experienced everything one needs to experience in that country. After three months we split up. He went to Taiwan and I went to China. Both of us managed to get teaching jobs in our respective countries. It was a truly amazing experience however we were sad that we had to split up. We did know that we were going to see each other back in South Africa 4 months later so it was going to be ok.

coastline in Bali, Indonesia

After my 4 months in China I had to fly back to Bali in order to make my flight back home to South Africa. (We had booked a 7-month return flight through Student Flight Centre.) See how Singapore Airlines saved the day in Bali

rock jutting out to the sea in Bali

After arriving in Singapore, I checked in for my flight to get to South Africa the following evening. I spent an amazing night in Singapore, which took my mind off the hellish week I had just endured. I woke up the next morning, explored the city and later that evening I got to the airport. I had a 3 hour wait before my flight so I wandered around the amazing Changi Airport. When the plane was ready to board I went to the gate. This has to be the most amazing event of my life. When I joined the queue I thought I recognized the person a few places before me. By the most impossible odds, it was my best friend Jordan. Because I was delayed by losing my passport, the few days between the date when I was supposed to leave and the day that he had delayed his flight just happened to be the same. All the pain I had been through in the past week had been forgotten as fate had brought us together to finish the long gap year trip together, just the way we had started it.

sunset in Bali

We weren't sitting next to each other but luckily he had a very kind person next to him who agreed to swap with me. The flight was amazing, just like all the countless flights I have experienced with Singapore Airlines. It was a smooth trip, decent food and great company. I think that even if the flight was horrible I would have been happy to be with my friend but the fact that it was an amazing flight made it even better!

We started the trip on a high, visiting the most amazing places, experiencing the most amazing things. Although My trip took quite a depressing dip, we ended the trip on an equal high that we started on. It was an experience of a life time which I recommend for any young traveler as I have also matured and become a better person.

bus trip in Bali

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Johannesburg to Bali (DPS)

There are no direct flights from Johannesburg to Bali. Try 1-stop flights with Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, South African Airways (codeshare) or KLM.


Balinese is widely spoken on the island.

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