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See our South Africa to Portugal flights page, for a detailed discussion of the connections between the 2 countries.


April 2020: TAP announced their SA comeback! TAP Air Portugal will relaunch flights to South Africa with a direct service to Cape Town from Lisbon, starting in November 2020. The seasonal flights will be running three times a week to the end of March 2021.

In June 2013, TAP increased its weekly flights from Maputo to Lisbon from 4 to 5 a week, until September 2013.

In April 2013 TAP Air Portugal increased their Maputo - Lisbon flights to 4 a week for the northern hemisphere summer.

On the 20th Jan 2011, TAP Air Portugal released the following statement: " TAP Portugal and LAM – Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (Mozambique Airlines) have formalised a Memorandum of Understanding stating that as from June 2011 they will combine all direct flights operated by both airlines from Portugal to Mozambique and South Africa. 

Currently TAP operates three flights per week between Lisbon and Johannesburg with a stopover in Maputo plus a fourth direct flight to the Mozambican capital. 
The decision by LAM to return to operating its own flights to Lisbon led to the redrafting of the commercial framework agreement between the two companies with a view to aligning the offer to the new reality and taking advantage of it to mutually assess the potential of introducing improvements in the services offered to customers by each airline. 

Therefore as early as this summer four direct flights between Lisbon and Maputo will operate as code-share flights, two on TAP and two on LAM operated aircraft.
In the same context and from this date onwards, LAM will provide connections between Maputo and Johannesburg on its own aircraft in a schedule connecting with the Lisbon arrivals and departures. These flights will also carry the TAP code enabling passenger and baggage check-in to the final destination, which in turn simplifies pricing tariffs. In the near future the same operating model is being planned for Cape Town. 

TAP is therefore offering the resident Portuguese community in that country a more globally appropriate product than is currently on offer, despite not maintaining the connection to Johannesburg on its own aircraft. In fact the company is not only maintaining the service already available for flights already landing in Maputo, it is also increasing the weekly flight frequency to that destination and is now also considering the prospect of expanding the operation to new destinations in South Africa.

In this context conversations are ongoing with South African Airways, a Star Alliance partner company of TAP, with a view to expanding the range of the respective cooperation and diversifying the route options between Portugal and South Africa. 

Considering the importance of the Portuguese community originating from Madeira in South Africa, TAP is deploying efforts to possibly operate extra flights to and from Johannesburg at specific times of year and depending on additional demand."

TAP Adverts

28 January 2013: An entertaining air safety video by TAP Air Portugal (in Portuguese with english subtitles), which they describe as being "The first safety video where passengers are the stars". "Hello. Welcome. TAP wishes everyone a great flight! But before you start daydreaming about your destination let's remember some safety rules. They're important for me and for you. So, even if you have important things to do...Give me your attention for a few minutes. For our comfort and safety, hand luggage must be placed in the overhead bin. Before take off, the aisles must be clear to ease circulation. However important your bags are, remember: placing them next to the emergency exits is not allowed. There are 8 emergency exits on this aircraft, all clearly marked. 2 rear doors, 4 windows over the wings and 2 front doors. All are equipped with escape slides, which can also be used as flotation if needed. And it's very easy to find them. Just follow the emergency lights located along the aisle, next to your seats. To open the doors, all you have to do is pull the lever up. This aircraft is equipped with safety belts. Whenever the 'fasten seatbelts' sign is on and whenever you are seated, you know what to do: Keep your seatbelt fastened. It's very easy to fasten it. Insert the metal tip into the buckle...until you hear a click...and pull the end of the belt until it fits you. To release the belt, just lift the top of the buckle. If the oxygen masks drop, don't be alarmed. Pull the mask down, apply it over your nose and mouth and adjust the elastic strap around your head. Then breathe normally. Don't worry. It's really unpolluted air. Remember: apply your own mask before helping others. There are also oxygen masks in the lavatories. There is a life vest in the lower central section of the seats or under it. If needed, remove it from its bag, put it on and adjust it. It's not haute couture, but is actually quite fashion! To inflate the life vest, pull the coloured tag or blow into this tube on the side. Once it's inflated the life vest can also be used as a floating device. But remember: adults should inflate their life vests only when leaving the plane. A very important warning. Smoking is not allowed in the aircraft. Joao and Mariana will be grateful (actress holding her pregnant tummy). Yes, I'm having twins. For take-off and landing, all electronic equipment must be turned off - they may interfere with flight instruments. What do I have to say? There is a safety card in the seat pocket in front of you. So, before you read the latest sports news, please read the safety card carefully. One last thing before take off. Put your seat back in the upright position, stow the tray table, fasten your seat belt and...relax. As for us, we thank you for your attention and promise to welcome you with arms wide open."


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