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Fly 88 Aviation Flights & Bookings

Fly 88 is a privately owned aircraft charter company servicing both the retail and corporate sector, which was formerly known as Studio88 Aviation. They recently announced that they're going to be operating flights between Lanseria and Nelspruit.

Over the last year there's been bunch of less well-known airlines who are introducing a kind of smaller niche that we are not entirely used to. Fly 88 falls in that category, as does Phakalane Airlines (operating out of Kimberley), Blu Crane Aviation (who fly from Port Elizabeth to East London, and Port Elizabeth to George), and Fly Cemair who recently announced that they were flying from Johannesburg to Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay).

We predicted at the start of the year that there would be new airlines in the South African skies, but this is not what we had in mind. We were thinking of the airlines also trying to get scheduled domestic flights licences with an intention to fly on the major routes: 1time (together with Pak Africa Aviation and Global Airways), Skywise Airlines, fastjet and FlySafair.

Flight Routes

On the 19th February 2014, Fly 88 announced that it was launching regular charter flights from Johannesburg Lanseria to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (HLA-MQP), which will be flown in their signature Beechcraft 1900D planes. The aim is to facilitate weekend getaways to the Kruger, and to this end there is a flight on Fridays and Sundays:

  • The Friday outbound flight is scheduled to leave Lanseria Airport at 11am and land in Nelspruit at midday.

  • The Friday return flight is scheduled to leave Nelspruit at 1pm and land at Lanseria Airport at 2pm.

  • The Sunday outbound flight is scheduled to leave Lanseria at 3pm and land in Nelspruit at 4pm.

  • The Sunday return flight is scheduled to leave Nelspruit at 4pm and arrive at Lanseria Airport at 6pm.

I hope I'm not insulting your mathematical abilities by letting you know that the flight duration is 1 hour :)

So, you'll need to put in a day's leave from the office on a Friday, and your weekend in the Kruger can begin at Lanseria Airport on a Friday at 10am (because you'll arrive an hour early for your flight) and end at Lanseria Airport at 6pm on the Sunday.

A weekend is a bit rushed for a Kruger vacation, so alternatively put in a week's leave and you can travel from Friday to Friday, or Sunday to Sunday.

Fly 88 was approached by Ramsay Travel Africa to provivd them with a regular charter service for Kruger International They are merely supplying the air service on the behalf of Ramsay Travel Africa, who had requested a reliable safe operator to conduct these flights for them.

Ramsay had found that there was a need for a service for the northern regions of Gauteng, & Lanseria was ideally suited to that need. As Fly 88 are based at Lanseria, they are an ideal company to offer the charter service. The regular charter flights will give Ramsay Travel Africa the flexibility to move times of flights to suit the needs of their travellers.

Hornbill in the Kruger National Park

Fly 88 operates flights into Sishen and Lephalale for some of the bigger mining houses on a daily basis.

They are looking at obtaining their domestic schedule licence in the near future, but at this stage are happy to consolidate their operation as a charter operator. It is still early days, so the final routes they are looking at are not yet cast in stone. They are going to be looking at routes that are too small to be viable for the bigger domestic carriers such as Airlink Airlines. "We need to concentrate on making all areas more affordably accessible and not just concentrate of where the cream is. All areas have potential for growth. Unfortunately the licensing council is a very slow-moving animal, so we hope it will happen this year (2014). We actually had an application lodged with them over a year ago, but due to post holder changes within Fly88, we withdrew the application and are now ready for re-submission. We will just need to wait until the new council takes office". said Sean Selkon of Fly 88.

Beechcraft 1900D belonging to Fly 88

Flight Bookings

For Fly 88 Bookings contact:

  • Phone Number : 087-809-0693 or 0861-359-088

  • Email : or

  • The old fashioned way : Physically go to the the Fly 88 Lanseria or Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport kiosks and pay there.


The general sales agent (GSA) for Fly 88 Aviation is Ramsay Travel.

cockpit of a Fly 88 Beechcraft 1900D twin-prop


Fly 88 Aviation operates the Hawker Beechjet 400A/XP and the 19 seater Beechcraft 1900D pressurised twin engine turbo prop aircraft. Fly 88 operates the 1900D aircraft as it has proven to be a rugged & reliable aircraft. It is also more versatile than bigger aircraft for operating into smaller airports with limited facilities.

Beechcraft plane

History of Fly 88 Aviation

Studio88 first came into being in the year 2001 (founded by Mr. Lawrence Wernars). A retail clothing company with over 88 stores located across the length and breadth of South Africa, it soon became obvious to Mr Wernars that he would need the services of a business aircraft.

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so we are often told. Realizing that there was a need for safe, affordable private charters to business owners in a similar predicament, the Studio88 Aviation company was established. In a fast paced world where time is money, having a reliable air charter service that can deliver you safely to your destination, on schedule, is a necessity.

Every business traveller is familiar with the frustration of delayed flights, traffic jams and the inconvenience of having to postpone important business meetings due to unforeseen delays at the airport. Bearing all this in mind, the Studio88 Aviation company has created a more streamlined operation that ensures you arrive at your destination on time.

In 2012 Studio 88 changed its name to Fly 88.

Fly 88 Aviation turboprop aircraft

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