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Since 1time airline went under it's only SA Express flying from Cape Town to East London. The way to make sure that you get on a cheap flight is by being flexible with with your departure & return dates & times.

To East London for a Wedding

I live in the Western Cape in Vredendal - 3 hrs from Cape Town - and each year we go home to our family in East London. We have missed all the family happenings eg. weddings, 21st birthdays etc.......as we are too far away and to drive that distance (13 hrs straight) is very expensive with petrol prices as they are. We make the trip only to see the family - especially the parents who are in their 80's and are unable to travel themselves anymore. It means so much to them. We could not drive the distance in a weekend, and with our work situations, it would be impossible to take any extra leave. My story is: My sister-in-law, who lost her husband of many years to cancer, is an ordained Anglican Minister (from being a housewife and mother of two sons, one being handicapped, became a Minister and realised her calling). Since her husband died it has been a very lonely life. She threw herself into her Faith, dedicated herself to the grandchildren, but deep inside she was very lonely. Then out of the blue, she was given a once off second chance at happiness! A member of her congregation whom she knew for years since young, who also had lost his wife and long time partner to cancer, started a friendship. From friendship it grew into a lovely love. They are getting married on the 30th November 2013! It seems so unreal, and she NEVER pictured or dreamed that she would find someone again, especially since she was not expecting it to happen. We would love to surprise them and be at their wedding, to be able to fly down to East london on Friday 29th November and return 01 December 2013! It would mean everything to them and the old folk who are on borrowed time. We will only go to East London again by vehicle next year September.............So it would be wonderful to make their day with such a surprise. thanks for a wonderful opportunity with SAA Express........ (Ed: this entry was part of a competition to win flights with SA Express). Anne Radloff

Road Trip from Cape Town to East London

12 November 2013 : Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and even beautiful Hawaii - when thinking of my favorite holiday so far it would have to be my most recent road trip from Cape Town to East London. About two weeks ago a close friend from America, Ben, was on his first visit to “Africa”. My family, who lives in the Eastern Cape, was very excited to meet the American, so up the garden route we went. Honestly, we dreaded the 14 hour trip ahead, especially with an extra large road map, faulty navigation system, and a tiny match box- looking car to get us there. Our first stop was at Stellenbosch Square, the main mall in Stellenbosch. I knew an awesome biltong stand inside that sold the best chili bites, and it was all prepared the old school way. What better way to road trip than with some tasty proudly South African snacks. Next stop; Plettenberg Bay! We didn’t plan to stop here, but the views from the N2 along the ocean caught our attention, we knew it would be worth the stop. Without much time to spare, we took the time to drive to the local beach, enjoy an ice cream, and roll up our jeans to splash a little in the water. Lunch time was coming up shortly and so was Ann’s kitchen, which happened to be right around the corner of the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping bridge in the world. We found Ann inside singing along to gospel tunes. My excitement levels grew quickly when I saw “traditional boerewors roll” on the blackboard. “If it’s his first time trying it, I have to make the tomato chutney to go along with it”... This gave us just enough time to check out the bungee jumping site and watch a few people take that last step off the bridge- definitely a Goosebumps moment! After lunch set in, so did the tiredness. By then we were driving along the lush green forest and bush of the Tsitsikamma. We pulled over to the next rest stop, which was nothing but space to park and a table with benches covered by a thatch roof. There was no trail so we went for a brief walk up into the bushes. Since this came with a lot of mud and dirt, we returned to the table shortly to stretch those tired muscles and be invigorated by the crispy fresh air. If only there was time to visit the national park. Sunset was here and we were still at least 2 hours out from Port Elizabeth. We spent the night at the Town Lodge on the beach front of the windy city. Thanks to the wonderful lady at the front desk who jumped at my request for the 6th floor, we had spectacular views of the never ending waters. The next morning, Ben got to witness a real African sunrise as we drove through the valleys between PE and Grahamstown. This area is booming with wilderness. I was even taken away by the stunning backdrops of hills and the quick glance we got of a mother warthog and her young running alongside the bush. As beautiful as the trip was, it wasn’t the attractions that tugged at our hearts to return, it was the culture of the people; Ann who took the time to prepare the tomato chutney for the boerewors roll, the helpful people at the garage that gave us countless explanations of how to get back on route, the older couple that stopped their car in front of us to ask if we were lost. It’s more than just a beautiful country; it’s a beautiful country with beautiful people and an even more beautiful culture.

Airlines flying from Cape Town to East London

Flight route

SA Express

Cape Town (CPT) to East London (ELS)

non-stop (1h30m)

It takes some 90 minutes to fly from Cape Town to East London (non-stop). The driving distance between Cape Town and East London is 1052km.

Flight prices

The prices below reflect the cheapest prices for one adult on the day, including all taxes and fees (unless it's the date mentioned below prices will have changed). Old prices are maintained for historic reference purposes only.

Date checked
Flight date
SA Express

18 Nov 2013

18 Oct 2014

1time not flying


28 Apr 2013

21 Mar 2014

1time not flying


24 Feb 2013

12 Jan 2014

1time not flying


13 Jun 2010

29 Oct 2010



23 Dec 2009

23 May 2010



25 Aug 2009

20 Sep 2009



17 Jun 2008

29 Jun 2008



17 Jun 2008

26 Jun 2008



11 Jun 2008

15 Jun 2008



9 Jun 2008

28 Jun 2008

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SA Express Airline have been cheapest in half the price surveys we've carried out.

East London Airport


2 November 2012: 1time airline ceases all flights, including its Cape Town to East London flights.

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