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Telephone Numbers:
· PE Airport: 041 507 7319
· OR Tambo Airport: 011 921 6262

Port Elizabeth tourist info
Flights from JHB to Plettenberg Bay

Cheap Flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

You want to fly from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth (PE / Madiba Bay / Ibhayi / The Friendly City / Die Baai / The Windy City. The good news is that just like PE has lots of names, there are also lots of airlines to fly with: compare the prices of British Airways (also can be booked via Kulula website), Mango, SA Express, FlySafair and SAA flights to PE. Use the tool on the left. In the last survey we carried out of JNB-PLZ flights, Mango Airlines were cheapest.

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Fear is Temporary, Regret is Permanent

"I flew to Port Elizabeth from OR Tambo enroute to Plettenberg bay using Mango Airlines. This little town on the borders of the Eastern and Western Cape presented the best of what the world has to offer. I and my grand children slept at two places: the Castleton and Summer Hill in the centre of Plettenberg Bay. Shoppinng for groceries was made easy due to proximity of both accomodation to the shopping centre in Plett and the town itself with its colourful display of a rich south african culture. The Saturday market was a very good welcoming experience. This place offered a great deal of lekker boerekos served in broken enamel plates that triggered that nostalgic feeling of when I grew up with my grandparents in their rundown thatched hut down in Duiiwelskloof now Modjadjiskloof in Limpopo. It is here where I bought small dresses for my one year grand daughter with the label Hooligans, and I could not wait to put that on the body of that little hooligan. There was so much to enjoy besides the beaches of plettenberg bay and here comes: A visit to the Tsitsikama nature reserve where after enjoying a sumptuous lunch we explored the untouched adventures of the Tsitsikama Nature Reserve. Jukani, here we came in contact with wild life and played the amazing maze and we fearfully watched the Anaconda. My grandson, 28yrs old, wanted to live the slogan, "fear is temporary but regret is permanent", by jumping the world's highest bungee bridge, and his adrenalin saw him through the process while mother and I watched in awe. Knysna is 34km from Plett and here we went to the waterfront and enjoyed an afternoon boat ride followed by a shopping spree and a visit the next day to the Knysna Island, followed by a visit to the Knysna Elephant Park. We fed elephants, took photos holding their horns and fearfully tried to ride on them. These are some of the highlights of my latst visit to Plett,and because we stayed there for 7 days I had the opportunity to show my grand kids a bit of St Francis Bay and Jeffreys bay which I visited in 2007 - fascinating places. A flight from JHB to Plettes is very much appreciated as I think will come out cheaper. Halala the new flight, halala." Virginia Mokwena

Feeding an elephant in Knysna

Touching an elephant in Knysna

Preparing to bungee jump at the Bloukrans

Bungee jumping Bloukrans

A Pleasant Story

"I have a pleasant story to tell about my last flight. It was January the 24th 2013, I had booked a flight from O.R Tambo to Port Elizabeth and It was an early flight 06:45am I recall, I did not know anything about flying, I don't know how much was 20kg in my mind, but I had excess luggage 4 bags in total, so my neighbour dropped me at the airport and rushed for work, I got there the porter helped me with my bags and asked me If I had money to pay for the excess luggage I said No, then he just put me on the queue. In front of me was a white woman Tracey, A good samaritan, I greeted her and asked if she could help me with my luggage - she had just one bag, so she took in some of mine so that my luggage did not exceed the limitations. She knew the airport a bit more than me, so she then walked with me until we reached the terminals. We were on the same flight, next to each other, we got along so well, we became instant friends regardless of the age difference between us. We got to Port Elizabeth, she had her car in the packing lot, I told her It was my 1st time coming to Port Elizabeth, she then drove me around in her car, she showed me her place, took me out for breakfast, took me to the beach a bit and then accompanied me to University (U.P.E). She was with me every step of the way, I did not even get a chance to get lost or ask around, she only left after I was settled in my room. I am delighted to say that even upto this day I still communicate with Tracey. It's all God's work, verily verily all things work out for good to those who love the Lord! Thank you,I look forward to flying more and hopefully I'll be a blessing to somebody's life also." Kind regards, N.G Sengwane

From Swaziland to Port Elizabeth

02 December 2013: I am from Swaziland and we have a landlocked country. It was the Summer of 2010 (November). I was doing my last year at varsity. I told my mum we needed to be spontaneous and just live once (I had received my final allowance, living scholarship, at the university). We decided to buy our air tickets to Port Elizabeth with those funds. I have a sister who lives there, so we knew our accommodation was sorted. I have a son who was a year old then, and we did not have to buy him a seat on the plane. We boarded at OR Tambo and off we flew to Port Elizabeth. It was myself and my son's first time visiting P.E. My sister met us at the airport, and picked us up. I remember that day so clearly. We went to her house in Summerstrand, left our luggage and we were off to the beach as I wanted to show my son the ocean. He had never seen it before. Our holiday was only ten days and I didn't want to waste a minute of it indoors. Oh, the beach was lovely, my son was so happy playing in the sand and running towards the shore and away as the waters drew closer. It started to get a bit cold and windy, so we left and went back home. The next day we went to the marine world, my mum and I were like children, so excited to see all the underwater animals. My sister was amazed at us, of course this was not new to her, she had probably been visiting the aquarium for ages. My son had fallen asleep during this visit as we toured the Museum and being a child this must have bored him, so I insisted that we return before our departure. So we returned. He was just as amazed as we were. He loves animals even to this day (four years old now). Animal planet is one of his favorite channels on TV. We also visited the boardwalk, there was a magician show that we attended on one of the days, it was exciting as I saw him bend a fork with his mind and eyes. My sisters daughter still has that fork today, he gave it to her as a souvenir We went to the movies, had supper and went for a walk at the beach. It is so lovely in the evening, all the night lights, made me feel like I was out of this world, all my problems and troubles of this world just disappeared. We visited the Green Acres mall on a few occasions and liked its tranquil environment. I tell you this was a summer never to forget. My sister had us occupied everyday, we were visiting the beach at every chance we got. One of the days we were there, we went to a lion park (I cannot remember the name). We had a braai at the park with her two daughters and son in law. The day we had a braai was our last day in Port Elizabeth. It was a lovely vacation, one I will never forget and if I had the funds I would not blink but return with my mother and son again. My joy was seeing the excitement in his eyes, and also being able to share it with my mother, the most wonderful person in this world. Not forgetting my sister and her her family who made our stay the most memorable and exciting ever. Port Elizabeth, I love it.


  • 6 November 2014 FlySafair, South Africa's new low cost carrier will start flying from Joburg to Port Elizabeth on the 3rd of December 2014. Customers can already start booking via their website with airfares starting at R499* for a one way flight.

  • 28 April 2013 Two Super Rugby teams who are to play each other on Saturday, the Southern Kings and the New South Wales Waratahs are placed on the same flight from Joburg to PE, sharing an Airbus A319.

  • 5 Dec 2012 Daily Mango flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth are launched, with an initial sale price of R599* 1-way on selected dates. Flight JE525 is scheduled to leave Johannesburg at 06h45 and arrive in PLZ at 08h25. "This is a long time in the making. We were created to make air travel more affordable and accessible to more South Africans. This will bring more people to your beautiful city. It will be a key economic enabler and bring friends and families together," said Nico Bezuidenhout, CEO of Mango. Mango managed to employ most of the Port Elizabeth airport staff who were retrenched by 1time airline.

  • Mango Airlines' first flight to Port Elizabeth

  • 1 Nov 2012 : 1time airline goes into liquidation, and quits flying the JNB-PLZ route.

  • June 2012 : Kulula suspends its Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth flights, at the same time as implementing its new IT system.

  • 30 Mar 2009 : SA Express flights to Port Elizabethfrom Johannesburg OR Tambo are being switched o using a Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet Series 200.

  • 28 Oct 2008 : Kulula terminates its Johannesburg Lanseria to Port Elizabeth flights, due to a lack of passenger demand.

  • 29 Oct 2007 : Kulula commences operating flights from Johannesburg's Lanseria Airport to Port Elizabeth.

Airlines flying from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

We carried out a snapshot survey of Johannesburg to PE flights, and then ordered the airlines from the cheapest at the top (Mango was cheapest). Note that the order could well have changed since we carried out the survey.


Mango Airlines

Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth


South African Express

Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth


British Airways

Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth


South African Airways

Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth


Kulula Airlines

Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth


A flight from JNB to PLZ takes about 1h40m.

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Road trip

The driving distance from JNB to PLZ is some 1114km & takes about 12 hours. You'd pass by Kroonstad, Bloemfontein, Colesberg, Graaff-Reinet and Uitenhage.

Top reviews

  • It's sometimes easy to forget just how important a function airlines fulfill in connecting families. "I was last on a plane in 1987. I was pregnant with my daughter and was flying home from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Since then I have not had the opportunity of going away and thereby have not flown in 26yrs. I have been at the airport so often in those 26 years, waving goodbye and welcoming home friends and family. I never imagined ever going away again myself. My daughter got married in December and relocated to Port Elizabeth. Needless to say it has been heart wrenching being so far from her. As a single parent on a tight budget it is not easy to get to visit. Being retrenched twice within 3 years was also a hard knock financially. We had been talking so often about me going up to see their home and spend some overdue quality time together. She made an unselfish request when asked what she wanted for her birthday. She said to her husband that instead of giving her a birthday present on Valentine's day (yes she is a Valentine's baby) that she would like her present to be a flight ticket for her Mom to visit. It had been 3 months since we had seen each other. Maybe not long for some but we have a very close bond that it seemed like a lifetime. The idea of flying made me apprehensive and nervous but I so desperately wanted to see her. After much debating and asking for leave it was decided I would fly.
    It was quite traumatic at the time. Every time I thought of flying my heart raced. We convinced my brother to fly with me and he excitedly spoke about the taking off, the power of the engines, the whole experience he loves so much. He was like a little boy in wonder even though he is definitely not a little boy. I found myself continuously changing the subject. Eventually we decided on a date and he booked our tickets. I am so happy to say that my flight was pleasant and not as bad as I had envisaged. The ground and flight staff were great. I was too overwhelmed to eat or drink but will definitely in future. My overall impression was a good one. I felt at ease and happy to have taken this step. We are already making plans to make this more frequent, money and leave allowing of course." Rosa

  • Paula flew from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth to visit Kichaka Game Reserve: "It took about 90 minutes to get from Port Elizabeth to Kichaka.  Just enough to make you feel like you are out in the wilderness  (probably because you are).  What a magnificent place, really words cannot describe the beauty, the people, and the wildlife, just spectacular."

Port Elizabeth Airport entrance

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth by train

It's possible to travel by train from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, with the Shosholoza Meyl.

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth by bus

A bus trip can be a great way to get from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, as you get to see some of the landscape. Listed below are the options available. The time taken for the trip is on the right hand side:

Baz bus

This is a hop-on hop-off bus tour which Baz Bus runs across South Africa. Most popular amongst backpackers, it has stops at 180 youth hostels en route. They don't offer a direct route to Port Elizabeth from Johannesburg, but there are two options, both going via Durban. The first route goes via Swaziland and the second via the Drakensberg mountains. The times include compulsory stop-overs.

3 days (Swaziland)

2 days (Drakensburg)

Citiliner bus

Citiliner does not offer a direct route between Joburg and PE

Greyhound bus

The Greyhound bus route originates from Pretoria (Tshwane) for this trip. If you want to travel from there rather than Johannesburg, then add on 2 hours to the travel time. Stops include Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Kroonvaal Plaza, Kroonstad, Welkom, Bloemfontein, Reddersburg, Aliwal North, Jamestown, Queenstown, Cathcart, Stutterheim, King Williams Town, Peddie and Grahamstown.


Intercape bus

Intercape runs their Sleepliner busses on this route - Pretoria to Port Elizabeth. It is a direct route that includes stops in Vereeniging, Colesburg, Middelburg, Graaff-Reinet and Grahamstown.


SA Roadlink

SA Roadlink have a service between Pretoria, Colesburg and Port Elizabeth. They don''t have a detailed map or list of stops


Translux bus

Translux and CitytoCity offer a service along this route. CitytoCity is cheaper, but does take longer. No route map is provided.

16h00m (CitytoCity) 13h35m (Translux)

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth flight route

Hotels in Port Elizabeth

Popular spots in PE include the Homeleigh Halt Guest House and Manor 38 in Summerstrand. The Kwantu Game Lodge is a bit more pricey, but more interesting. On the budget side there's the Victoria & Alfred Guest House.

List of PE accommodation options

Garden Court SA

Courtyard Port Elizabeth

Protea Hotel Marine

Car Rental

For Car rental in Port Elizabeth your options include First Car Rental, Europcar, Avis,  Thrifty, Tempest and Budget.

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