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A trip to South Africa

By Alexis, 20 March 2013.

For me and my husband's honeymoon we decided that we would fly to South Africa for two weeks. We have been to many other countries like Ireland, Asia, Australia and Europe, but this time we wanted to try something different and unusual. We chose South African Airways for our flight and booked a hotel in Johannesburg to reside for two weeks. The day before we boarded our flight we had to go to my husband's physician to get him medication for the flight. My husband has an extreme fear of heights so flying has always been a huge issue for him, me as well. I almost feel like I have to babysit the entire flight and it honestly makes the trip there and back completely miserable. I have always hoped that he would come out of it sinse we take vacations every three months, but I have had no such luck in that department.

SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

After picking up my husband's medication from the doctor we went home to double-check our luggage and make sure everything was in place and ready to go. We had a very early night that evening because we both knew how much the trip would take out of us. No matter how much I sleep on a plane I always end up exhausted. When the evening had passed and morning had come and gone we were both sitting on the airplane waiting for the engine to start and the plane to take off from the runway. Before the plane made its way into the air the flight attendants from South African Airways made sure everyone was buckled and comfortable. They were very charming and even brought my husband many glasses of water as he somehow thought it would calm his nerves some. I was very shocked at this particular flight company as we are used to being neglected throughout our flights, but that obviously wasn't the case with this flight.

Once we were on our way to South Africa I was able to relax a little after plugging in my head set and leaning back in the seats. The chairs they had on the plane were unbelievably comfortable. I honestly felt that this was my most memorable flight I have ever taken because my husband had slept half the way so I didn't have to hear whining, and the flight attendants were more pleasant than ever. But the greatest part of the flight was the vibe. Rather than quietness, everyone including the workers chatted away about their experiences in Africa and even suggested some ideas to me for my honeymoon. There was an old couple across the aisle from us that were actually heading to South Africa for their 50th anniversary. I listened to them for almost an hour about the old days when they first met each other and how quickly time has flown since then. I have always enjoyed listening to older people as they are so much wiser than 90% of the people I know.

Towards the end of my conversation with the elderly couple my husband woke up in a panic. His medication had worn off and he was having some sort of panic attack. One of the flight attendants caught wind of what was happening and brought him over some ginger ale, saltines and a bottled water. After he choked them down the attendant brought over a small soup. I was very pleased with their customer service and couldn't help but thank them repeatedly. Anyone that can handle my husband being a sissy on a plane is a great person to me because I can hardly handle it. It is not necessarily the whining that gets to me, it is the fact that I have to constantly see if he is okay and get water for him. For once I want to be able to relax and shut my eyes on a flight.

When the flight ended the attendants wished us luck and said congratulations as we stepped off the plane. As soon as we stepped into the open the heat instantly hit us like a rock. The weather in Africa takes some getting used to, so it wasn't exactly easy breathing the first few breaths of hot, humid air. We went straight to our hotel when we arrived so that we could shower, eat and get ready for a night out. We ended up going to a smaller club and having a few drinks before we went back to our room to enjoy hours of hot tub time. We wanted to explore the area more but the flight had worn us both out, so we decided to have an early bed time so we could start early the next morning.

The entire trip to me was fantastic and I honestly feel like it was the best vacation we have ever took. We were able to spend quality time together and explore the beautiful land of South Africa. Usually towards the end of a trip I start dreading the plane ride back, but for once I was at ease with it all. It is comfortable knowing that me and my husbands needs will be fully taken care of throughout the entire flight. The horrible thing about this though is that we have been spoiled with this particular airline, so now when we go to another country next time we will feel as if we are being neglected.

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