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SAA Questionnaire

It seems SAA are looking to improve their Voyager programme. On the 3rd December 2013, South African Airways sent me the following intriguing email:

You are invited to participate in a research study undertaken by the University of Pretoria in collaboration with South African Airways. The aim of this study is to improve the value of its service offering to you as an appreciated customer of SAA. Your participation in this study will be highly appreciated. Your contribution to this study is extremely important to ensure the success of the project. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire to be found on the link.

SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

Here's what I saw after following the link:

• This study involves an anonymous survey. Your name will not appear on the questionnaire and the
answers you give will be treated as strictly confidential. You cannot be identified in person based on the
answers you give.

• Your participation in this study is very important to us. You may, however, choose not to participate and
you may also stop participating at any time without any negative consequences.

• Please answer the questions in the attached questionnaire as completely and honestly as possible. This
should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

• The results of the study will be used for academic purposes only and may be published in an academic
journal. We will provide you with a summary of our findings on request.

Should you proceed to complete the questionnaire you are indicating that:

•You have read and understand the information above.
•You give your consent to participate in the study on a voluntary basis.

Are you a member of SAA Voyager?

How long have you been a member of SAA Voyager?

To which tier / level do you belong in SAA Voyager?

What do you prefer to do with your Voyager miles earned through SAA Voyager?
- Upgrade to Business or First Class for domestic flights
- Upgrade to Business or First Class for international flights
- Redeem award seats for myself
- Redeem award seats for my family or friends
- Redeem miles on non-airline partners (Car rental, Legacy Hotels, Cruises International or Health Spa's)
- Other (Please specify)

How often do you redeem your Voyager miles?

In addition to earning Voyager miles, SAA Voyager provides a number of benefits to all its members according to tier membership. Please tick the THREE most important benefits to you as a member of SAA Voyager.
Priority Check-in
Priority Waitlist
Excess Baggage
Lounge Access
Preferential Seating
Change Fee Exemptions
Chauffeur Service
Other (Please Specify)

Do you agree with the following: "I prefer these additional membership benefits of SAA Voyager TO redeeming the miles for award seats"? 

How many times have you flown with SAA in the past 12 months? (one-way flights)?

How many of the above mentioned flights were conducted in SAA Business Class on an upgrade?

How many of the above mentioned flights were conducted in SAA Business Class on a full fare?

If South African Airways discontinues SAA Voyager today, offering lower fares instead, would you: (Please choose the most appropriate option)
I would still continue to fly with SAA
Switch to another airline which has a Frequent Flyer Programme
I am uncertain about my decision
Other (Please specify)

Do you belong to any other Frequent Flyer Programme (such as Emirates Skywards, QR Privilege Club, Lufthansa Miles etc)?

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements:

  • SAA provides value for money.

  • Generally, SAA is superior to other available airlines.

  • SAA is an attractive airline to fly with.

  • I believe SAA provides more benefits than other full service carriers

  • I prefer to fly with SAA since it is the national carrier

  • It is pleasant to fly with SAA.
  • I have a favourable attitude towards SAA.
  • I am generally satisfied when I fly with SAA.
  • I like SAA more than other airlines.
  • I like the general performance and services of SAA.
  • I love flying with SAA.
  • I intend to continue flying with SAA.
  • I will recommend SAA to others.
  • SAA repeatedly delivers superior performance.
  • I consider SAA to generally be my first choice.
  • Even if another airline is offering a lower airfare, I will still fly with SAA.
  • I will always continue to choose the features (e.g. aircraft, entertainment) of SAA over other airlines.
  • I would always continue to favour the offerings (e.g. prices, schedule, service) of SAA over other airlines.
  • I will always choose to use SAA in preference to other airlines.

How much attachment do you feel about your relationship with SAA?

Please indicate your age:

Please indicate your gender:

What percentage of your flights in Business Class on SAA is flown for the following reasons: (MUST add up to 100%).

  • Independent business
  • Corporate business
  • Leisure
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Education or Training

What percentage of your flights in Business Class on SAA is flown to the following geographical areas: (MUST add up to 100%).

  • Domestic (within South Africa)
  • Regional (within Southern Africa, including all SADC countries)
  • Continental (within Africa)
  • International

Please indicate your race group.

Please indicate your monthly gross income (for statistical purpose only):

Please indicate your nationality:

Please indicate the industry of your profession
Parastatal industry (government support services)
Finance and business services
Retail / Trade
Other (Please specify)

Please indicate your marital status:
Single (never been married)
Other (Please specify)

Please indicate whether you have any children:

Do you have any suggestions you would like to make to SAA Voyager as a valued SAA Voyager member?

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