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Why South African Airways is my favourite

By Thokozani, 4 January 2013.

With so many to choose from it is not easy to decide, which is your favourite airline in the world as all of them offer the same service: they fly you from point A to point B at a higher or lower cost. However, there are many other things to be considered, which will ultimately make your trip that much more pleasant or not. For example, Zimbabwean Airlines airplanes have quite a bit more of leg room than most other airlines, yet the fleet is not very new. Air Malawi is dirt cheap (you can often fly for R150) but the seats have fixed backs and no complimentary beverages or snacks are given. Singapore Airlines have great airplanes and service, but tickets are generally more expensive than its competitors. So where do I stand?

SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

My favourite airline in the world is South African Airways. This South African based airline offers very cheap flights in modern and comfortable airplanes, flight attendants are always pleasant and have a smile ready, and the food is good too. You can fly within South Africa, African Countries and everywhere you want to go for affordable price to many destinations, and it is relatively easy to find flights from South Africa to any country which you want to go to for low airfares and airport taxes are always included!

South African Airways is not a low cost airline, and thus many extras are included in the ticket - meals and drinks, for example. A tip is to take a portable DVD player with enough movies, entertainment for a long distance flight. Flight attendants offer a multicultural service.

Other contenders could be Mango Airline (also a South African state-owned airline), or Kulula (owned by Comair), but they only operate flights in southern Africa whereas South African Airways also gives you the option of international flights, with its numerous codeshares with airlines like Emirates making it easy to travel the world. So my vote is for South African Airways. Just try my favourite Airline you will consider it as your favourite too.

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