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Kulula aircraft parked at Johannesburg Airport O.R. Tambo International






There are also Mango flights to Lanseria from Cape Town, and the competition on that routes frequently results in airfares from Cape Town to HLA being far lower than from Cape Town to OR Tambo International Airport.

Also see Kulula flights to OR Tambo (OR Tambo & Lanseria are the 2 airports in Johannesburg which Kulula flies to)
Kulula Durban to Lanseria

Kulula Lanseria Flights

Kulula is the king of Lanseria Airport, with it being the only airline offering flights from both Cape Town and Durban. It is also the original airline which pioneered scheduled flights to Lanseria. It originally had an agreement with the airport that it would be the only airline operating there, much to the chagrin of the erstwhile 1time airline. To book cheap flights:

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Family Flying together

8 Aug 2013. Rating 4.5/5 : This is a family review of a Kulula flight from Cape Town to Lanseria Airport. There were 5 of us flying together - 2 adults, a 6-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 0-year-old, and the tickets cost R1035 each (except for the infant who cost R141), so we should have a good feel for what it's like to travel as a family. A day before our flight we received an email "pre-trip flight reminder", in which it said that the "the crew of MN458 can't wait to welcome you onboard and will do their best to make your flight as comfy as possible." :)

Kulula plane parked at Lanseria Airport

Kulula also provided a map & directions to Cape Town Airport, and weather forecasts for Lanseria Airport. We used EZShuttle to get to the airport, and they got to our house well before the scheduled time and all went smoothly. On arrival at Cape Town International Airport a friendly porter by the name of "Vuke" was promptly at the vehicle helping us to unpack, and took our goods to the check-in. Vuke informed us that he receives no salary from the airport (ACSA), so we tipped him R25 for his efforts.

porter at Cape Town International Airport

At check-in there was a bit of a hiccup as one of our bags had exceeded the Kulula limit of 20kg for a piece of luggage, and we spent some time unpacking from one bag and repacking into the other, to get the weight right.

Kulula baggage limit exceeded

After the luggage saga, our two little ones climbed onto the Kulula check-in counter to keep an eye on matters, and the attendant didn't complain about anything further :)

Kulula check-in counter

Going through airport security was fairly interesting, as I went through first with the children; but my wife only followed 10 minutes later as she needed to get something from the shops - as security checked her boarding pass they claimed she had already passed through (we suspect the confusion was due to the fact that our infant, who had already passed through, had his boarding pass linked to his Mom's). Next to the boarding gates there was a children's play area, with a miniature bus, racing car and horse and carriage (all of which require coins to operate), which our 2-year-old enjoyed playing on (when he wasn't watching the planes coming in to land).

plane spotting at Cape Town International Airport

It was drizzling slightly, but it would take a lot more than that to prevent me from going outside and taking a photograph of our Europcar-brand Kulula B737-800.

Kulula's Europcar branded plane

A Mango Airlines plane was parked next to Kulula:

Mango Airlines in Cape Town

Take off was slightly behind schedule, but this was more than made up for by the hilarious security announcement. As soon as the seatbelt sign went off a chap ran down the aisle towards the toilets, tripped, fell down, and stayed down for 5 minutes. Two cabin crew assisted him to his feet, and carried him, looking dazed, towards the back of the plane. Lanseria remains my favourite airport - I love that you can walk from the plane to the luggage collection area, without any need to take a bus (my 2 year old son would disagree as he LOVES the bus ride!).

lengthwise view of a Kulula plane


Kulula Moolah

  • 2 Jun 2011 : Thanks to a accumulation of Moolah on my Kulula credit card, I only paid R89 to fly Kulula from Cape Town to Lanseria...and am happy to report that I love Lanseria Airport.

cockpit on a plane parked at Lanseria Airport

Flight Routes

Kulula plane parked at Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg








  • 28 Oct 2008 : Kulula increase the frequency of their Johannesburg Lanseria - Cape Town (from 1 to 5 on Sundays, from 3 to 6 on weekdays) and Johannesburg Lanseria - Durban (to 2 daily, except Saturdays) flights. At the same time Johannesburg Lanseria - Port Elizabeth flights are being scrapped. See Kulula Lanseria flight changes.

  • 8 Oct 2008. Kulula's Lanseria Airport sale: Lanseria to Durban from R296, Lanseria to Cape Town from R396.

Kulula plane & cockpit at Lanseria Airport

  • 29 Oct 2007. Kulula Airline starts operating flights from Johannesburg's Lanseria airport to Port Elizabeth and Durban (as well as increasing the frequency of its flights from Lanseria to Cape Town to 3 per day).

  • Mar 2006. Kulula begins operating flights between Lanseria (Johannesburg) Airport and Cape Town International Airport.

Kulula Airlines Europcar plane at Lanseria Airport

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