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Kulula Jetsetters club

Kulula has watered down their Jetsetters program. I used to call Jetsetters a frequent flyers club, but can't do that anymore, as from 23 June 2012 you can no longer earn Moolah by flying. It's now purely a credit card loyalty program, where up to 3% Kulula moolah can be earned by spending with a Kulula credit card, and used to offset the cost of a flight with Kulula (or British Airways flights booked through the Kulula website). This is another cost-cutting measure introduced after Comair (who run the Kulula & British Airways brands in South Africa) posted their first loss in 50 years (which also saw marketing genius, Gidon Novick, resigning as joint-Chief-Executive).

What you earn

On the first R5000 of monthly spend on your Kulula credit card you earn 3% in Kulula Moolah, on the 2nd R5000 you earn 2% back, and on the the next R10,000 you earn 1% back.

Make sure your credit card starts with 4303

Only Kulula credit cards that start with 4303 will earn Kulula Moolah (some start with 4222).


23 Jun 2012. Jetsetters can no longer earn "Kulula Moolah" by booking a flight (they used to earn between R10 and R40 kulula moolah on any sector). Moolah may only be earned by using the Kulula credit card. I assume that means that owners of the Kulula credit card don't earn bonus Kulula moolah for flights if they are members of the Jetsetters club, anymore either (they used to earn double rewards).

Kulula Jetsetter email

I joined the Kulula Jetsetters club on the 31st May 2008 (quite easy to do - navigate to Kulula and type your details in). Here's a copy of the Kulula Jetsetter email which I received on the 5th June 2008.

Kulula jetsetter email

Kulula jetsetter club

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