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Kulula Airlines - Green & Cheap

10 Jan 2013

Well it's not like airlines can audition for "Favourite Airline" or anything. I mean, can you imagine them all dressed up to the nines on the runway doing a "Strictly Come Dancing" routine, or Simon, Britney and Demi giving a Jumbo contestant a miserly 3 for breaking the sound barrier?

So how do you judge your favourite airline? The only thing to do is to settle into your seat ABC DE or F and ask yourself, "am I enjoying this? What is the X factor that sets this airline apart from all others?"

There are some basic things that all airlines just have to do, like (1) stay up in the air (2) don't hit anything (3) come down without killing you (4) get from A to within striking range of B. Of course, a few airlines manage to dodge even these stringent requirements, and will not be considered in this discussion. But which airline can do more than this? Which one can surprise us and exceed all our expectations?

As a woman, one of my top priorities of course is the colour of the carrier. I like to fly in something soothing, green or a soft aqua, perhaps. Something that doesn't make my butt look big. I need to be able to take loads of luggage, a Bengal tiger and a bubble wrapped giraffe if I want to. I want to be treated like a million dollars when I book, check in and actually fly. And once on board, I need distractions – to keep my mind off the possible occurrence of 1-4 in the previous paragraph. There are the ho-hum distractions offered by most airlines – videos which might or might not
work, alcohol which might or might not work, unnecessary trips to the loo, and of course the flight attendant's Salsa Safety Show. Yawn boring it will never happen to us. Exits there and there and the lifejacket under the seat. I don't think I've ever listened to one of those shows on an Un-favourite airline. (And anyway, I would be much too busy making sure my lipstick, i-pad and i-phone were safely secured about my person to have time scrabble around for a lifejacket. Especially if we were flying over the Karoo.) What I really want is some fun, some humour, some quick chit chat,
some swift repartee and possibly Comedy Central to take my mind off Snakes on the Plane and the Hindenburg Disaster.

Oh yes, and my favourite airline must be CHEAP. I want top flight service at rock bottom prices. I want to be schmoosed, I want to have fun, and all at a price that won't have me heading for the barf bag.

So, Simon, Demi and Britney, what do you think? Who is our outright winner in the Favourite Airline Contest? Who has the X-factor that sets it above all the rest? Well I'll tell you in Strictly terms. It wears a dress of dark green (which is spotlessly clean), it glides smoothly through the air, it treats you like a Lady. It is flexible and considerate and it never drops you. But the X factor that sets it apart are its distractions. Its outrageous décor, its flippant flight attendants, its lights that you can dim to "romantic". It holds me safely in its hands, and steers me across the dance floor of the sky,
but makes sure to tickle my funny bone when things get too serious.

And it's Cheap.

Have you guessed? My favourite airline is

by Jeannie

Kulula plane parked at Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg






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