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Kulula to Cape Town

15 Aug 2010

Thanks to a Kulula Fifa Cup special we got our Johannesburg to Cape Town (JNB-CPT) return flights for R399 each, R263 paid in Kulula moolah and the remaining R136 by credit card. Here are the notable highlights on our flight:

  1. The flight attendants did face painting for all the little ones ont he plane (drew butterflies on our toddler's face).

  2. We have noticed that the legspace on Kulula flights is generally fairly generous by budget carrier standards, but does vary from flight to flight. On this particular flight, for instance, there was very little legspace (Ed: Kulula has since moved to an all Boeing 737-800 fleet, and legspace may well be more standardised than it was in 2010).

  3. This bit of Kulula humour after landing in Cape Town, cracks me up:

Gotta love those jokes that they come up with. The airline is a national treasure. It's smart of them to encourage folk to help them tidy up. We've noticed that on overseas airlines like Ryanair and easyJet, the cabin crew make sure the entire plane is spick and span before it lands, so that they can achieve quick turnaround times at the airport.

Here's a photo of an SAA (South African Airways) plane taken as we were disembarking in Cape Town.

SAA plane parked at Cape Town International Airport, South Africa

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Author : Karen Baker

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